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「 Tuesday, October 13, 2009 」
「 screaming away 10:27 AM 」

Last week was one of the most awesome week for me. Didn't had time to blog anything for awhile, since i'm a little free now, i shall do it. (:

Firstly, Happy 2nd Month Baby! (: yup, took leave to celebrated our 2nd month together @ je swimming complex, really had fun there, though we like wasted money on our floats. ha! Glad you had fun too. (: but still got burn-ed pretty badly on my back. At least now you don't look so tanned with me girl. ha! But, we forgotten to take any photos there, sad. Nevermind, next time alright? After that, we went to have our dinner @ pepper lunch. Freaking nice la, my second time dining in there. Didn't know must stir fast, end up the below chaota & yup, she laughed at me. -.- haha! We when to catch a movie after that, "Chance of some meat balls shit?" LOL! forgot the name. Freaking lamely nice movie, overall not bad at all. Worth watching. Home Sweet Home after that. (: Thanks for the cards and the little gifts baby, hope you enjoy my little thoughts too. Love you!(: Shall upload pics when i got the time. Maybe. haa

Secondly, yeah! i passed my TP! woo~ i can drive around without restrictions. LOL! went out for a spin with my buds, Andee, YP, Bun & Ty on sunday to Jalan Kayu. Supper of cause. (: Andee, first to sit my car ah, i better be the first too. HA! Was awesomely fun i guess. For me? Driving for the first time without my bro or dad was like a different feeling. No one to remind me of anything, good thing was, we didn't really got lost, except for the "ehh, try the GPS la." XD end up turning one big round. LOL! prata was like... -.- but the company was great. Andee's treat. Thanks bro. HA! We have another soon yeah? when andee pass, maybe. ha! Then ty say wanna treat right? (: Till then...

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