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「 Friday, December 29, 2006 」
「 screaming away 10:42 PM 」

2 more days to... 2007! scared people? School's reopening for most yeah?
What a tiring day, Lols have been repeating that for a few days cause i'm really dead tired. Went out with bens and aiman yesterday. Fun! lols, yeah! of cos. 1st time i had fun this holiday. Lols! so pathetic. Went to play pool, so suay huh? lost almost all the games. Win one, tyco de. Lose also tyco de. hahah! so suay! hahas. Went to watch movie after that, night at the musuem. LOLS! so lame! U dumbdumb! I wan gumgum! x) hahhah! after that i was halfdead. Hardly even spoke a word. I just wanna go home and slp. Yup, went home see PRISON BREAK! than bath, Sleep. Yup, woke up early this morning, WOO! work! lols. Tired, blurblur. hahas, at there i just wanted the time to pass faster. MOVE! it moved, took the mrt home. halfway my father call me. So i meet them at yishun, yup! guess who i saw? J Yang, Lols! no comments. hahah! went yishun market to eat, fishball! noodle. Not bad. Went home after that, watch tv, use the com. Life is so boring. Sleeping soon, tommorrow still working yeah? Goodnight! =)

you are confusing me.

「 Thursday, December 28, 2006 」
「 screaming away 1:01 AM 」

Yay! I'm off at last. For tmr of cos, today went work as usual. Dead tired, hahah! slept late ytd. Been a long time since we chat huh? Seems like everything is back. Hmm, not sure about it. Yep, went to work in the morning. Reach there all the tester and lights are on. Hahas, no need to prepare anything le. Slack, but paperwork do like siao. Cause my that partner her paperwork cant understand. X) hahas! must redo. So qiao, my partner is my classmate cousin. LOLS! Yup. Quite lucky today, never really work. halfdead, serve a few customers almost all buy. Just lucky today. Great! total sales i before i left not bad. Yup, took a mrt home. Halfway, my father call. Fetch my bro back to camp. I dont mind ehh, in fact i want to. So free, spend more time with my bro. makan then send him to camp. Yup, came back quite a while ago. Not sure where i going tmr. Ferza lost? hahas, nvm if u not in SG than some other time then. Ok, that's all for today. Sleepy, hahas. Goodnight! =)

are you for real?

「 Saturday, December 23, 2006 」
「 screaming away 1:44 AM 」

At last i have the time to blog again. Didnt have the time for the last few days cause my working time extented. Sian la! Cheat money, my schedule put 1030pm end but i always come out at 11pm. So crap! Other company still good, can collect taxi fare but my company must follow the schedule. Chirstmas RUSH! Why do everyone do last minute shopping? So dumb la! xD the cashier like want to die like that. hahahahs! My sales been really good for the last few days, around $1600 for the last 3 days. Everyday get back $70++ Shoik! hahahas. xD Why not everyday like that, if like that how great will life be. Actually not really, hahahahs! Today, hmm. Me, James and Xin Zhong on afternoon shift equals to CHAOS! hahahhas. Had fun today with my friends, Some of them last day. All want to quit, glad to meet you guys. It's my pleasure. Maybe next would be ME! hahahhs, this job isn't very good anyway. Came out of Seiyu at 11pm again, the security lor so slow. dam funny, 3 fat security finding for my bag actually it was just behind them. Took mrt home, such a long and squeeze ride home. At one point in time the mrt jerked. A man while supporting his wife step until other man's bag. That man said, "Why you step my bag." then he apologised to him. The man not happy shout back, "Why you step my bag!" KO! then the arguement started. !@#$^&*% LOLS! I was thinking who ask that man put his bag on the floor. His in the wrong! Pity that man who got scolded for nothing, he was just supporting his wife who was carrying his child. An example of an reasonable stupid old man. The funniest thing is that when the guy who step on the bag had to alight first, he said why you scared want to run away. If i was that guy i will pull him out of the mrt la. BTH! KNN. After that still tell the people around him including me, "See so unreasonable." I really felt like telling him off, but not my problem. Anyway that guy already alighted. Hmm, 1 more hour and i'll be leaving SG. Cool ehh, spend my off day on a holiday. Come back i'll be dead tired, hahahs. Dont care! Really want to go out with you guy asap, missing out on all the fun. Hais, nvm. Soon the time will come. xD byes!

「 Thursday, December 14, 2006 」
「 screaming away 9:40 PM 」

i'm so shag!
Just came back from work, so tired! Lucky today's the last day of the promos. Really hate promotions, tiring and the comission is also so low. nevermind, hahas. Met so many people the last few days, Elissa, Des, Tony, JJ, Raimi, Sam(although he never saw me), Farahin even Reena's mum. LOLS! Bugis like a place where everyone meet. So fun meh? But the food there is shiok! Food haven. Now if u ask me to bring you round bugis for food, No problem. hahahs! Will be getting bored the next time i go back to work. Many people will not be there anymore, most of them will stop working tommorrow. My N, A level friends, take care yeah? 18 more days to you guys the reopening of school days. GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY FRIENDS WHO TOOK THE N LEVELS. results coming out on the 18th right? All must score flying colours! hahahs! time really pass so fast, already been working for 3 weeks. Coming to a month already, miss the times i spend with my peeps! meet up soon yeah? working on the 18th! argh, cant go out with you guys. So sian! nevermind la. Prisonbreak starting soon, Byes!

「 Thursday, December 07, 2006 」
「 screaming away 12:29 AM 」

asked by ferza

50 typical question.

1. Are u photogenic? ; hmm, not sure
2.What time do you go to bed? ; after 12
3. What was the last thing you did before this? ; chat with YOU!

4.Who's the one you always meet the most? ; my family
5.Who's the person you'll call if you need help? ; GOD?
6.What's on your mind right now? ; HER!
7.What do you prefer? friends or girlfriend ; erm, havent had a gf b4 xD
8.With whom do you wanna be with to have fun? ; HER! and you guys!
9.What movie do you wanna watch now? ; deathnote2
10.When was the last time you went out? ; just now to work LOLS
11.What do you hate the most for now? ; when people accuse me of something i didnt do.

12.What do you do everyday besides eat and sleep? ; work
13.Colors that make you happy? ; black & white

14.Most fave thing in your room? ; my guitar, my laptop, my bed, handphone!
15.Miss someone? ; Everyone i have not seen since the hols
16.Plan to buy something? ; too many! no money..
17.Are you satisfied with you life now? ; NOPE! not complete without you
18.Do you like seafood? ; fish?
19.Breakfast or dinner? ; Both, still hungry now actually :D
20.Like chocolates? ; M&Ms
21.Do you have a laptop? ; one
22.Whats your favourite food from fast food? ; EBI rice burger!

23.Cats or dogs? ; both
24.Salty or sweet? ; sweet!
25.City or country? ; city
26.Is kissing normal for your age? hmm, it's ok
27.Are you athletic? ; i think so.
28.Favourite bands for now? ; My Chemical Romance many more.. lazy to type
29.Do you have your own cell phone? ; yeap!
30.What do you wear to bed? ; shirt, shorts what else? LOLS
31.Ever had a crush on a teacher in high school? ; nahs

32.Coke or pepsi? ; Pepsi!
33.Sugar or spice? ; and everything nice. LOLS
34.Can you use chopsticks? ; yeapyeap!
35.Do you care about getting good grades? ; like DUH?

36.Have you ever fallen asleep in class? ; YEAP, in front of teacher somemore. xD
37.Get a job or ask your parents for money? ; BOTH!

38.Is your mom strict? nahs, very naggy.
39.Do your parents give you enough privacy? i guess so

40.Do your parents trust you? ; yeap
41.Would you ever wanna lose your best friend(s)? ; Nahs, for what? LAME!
42.Does your best friend(s) get on your nerves? ; sometimes.
43.Do you make friends quickly? ; quite

44.Do you tell your mom everything? ; almost
45.What do you & your parents fight about most? ; unreasonable stuffs.
46.If you love someone & she/he rejected u, what will u do to her/him? ; Hmm, dont know.
47.Can you sing or rap? ; sing maybe, a little rap.
48.If you have one wish, who would u make ur wife/husband for life? ; hmm...
49.What do you think about this survey? ; CRAP!

50.Would you do another survey such as this? ; let's see..

Now you have to ask 7 friends to do this survey on their blog.Write down their names below.


「 Monday, December 04, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:41 PM 」

Im back!
from work of cos. Felt so weird promoting my product to people close to my age (today promote to 2 groups of people around 16-19). LOLS! Tired but shoik! Especially yesterday. My sales was $1021 and the best part of it is, I did full shift by myself. 4% all my, wahahahahs! So highly paid yesterday, $120. hahas, never see you there though. Hmm, yup today sales was not bad. Worked afternoon today, Sold $800++ today, plus my senior sales. Commission $20, hahas. $55, cool! Sales close to yesterday's but 2% each. Still not bad though. Cant go MOS already, working on the 5th. Argh, sian. Nevermind, not working on chirstmas, yea! Im free to go out. MOS? maybe not sure yet. Cmon jio me out! hahas, so sian. All working. Worst thing, not working near ferza there. So suay right? You work there already, i got posted away. DOUBLE SIAN!! Wait for next month ba, already stuck at there for 1 month. hmm, i go to bath now ba, tomorrow still working. Tired, wanna sleep soon. Yup! That's all for today i guess, Nights!

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