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「 Sunday, June 29, 2008 」
「 screaming away 10:42 PM 」

finding it hard to talk to people. why?


Music stuck in my head!
One Last Breath by Creed

「 Sunday, June 15, 2008 」
「 screaming away 5:05 AM 」

Been M.I.A for super long i don't even remember when i last blogged. Anyway, my exams are all over and one week of my holidays have already been used up without me realising it. Bored~ TBG was fun though, although the non-local teams wasn't as impressive as expected. WCO was still dope, omg! how can i not appreciated the show they put up last year. Anyway, i managed to take photo with most of the WCO members. Happy la, i never went for their workshop due to exams. At least let me take a photo ma. HA! DOPE~ BS brothers was dam cute. Aged 12 & 8 only and they can lock so well, inspiring. haha! Anyway, trademark did great. So don't so down la, Ocrew was dope too! Aiseh, Fong seh. Got aura already. LOL! Slacked over the time, dam sian la. Had to take cab again, FK! $$$~fly away.

FB camp is over yeah! Just want to say i'm proud of my group, Bottom-First. Though i'm not always there, shy la. haha! you guys did great. For the rest of the juniors, hope you guys enjoyed the camp as much as we did. Lazy to type what happen during the camp, so i'll skip that. XD Practice will be much more fun! So seeya, back in school.


Music stuck in my head!
Beat It by Fall-Out Boy

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