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「 Saturday, September 25, 2004 」
「 screaming away 9:17 PM 」

Today, felt like not going Ncc, very dam tired. However i manage to pull myself up and walk to the bathroom to take a shower. After changing to my uniform, i look at the time... 7am. So late liao. I wear my shoes and took a bus to the MRT with my bro than change to MRT to go school. 7.45 liao late hell already. From sewbawang i run to school, reaching there 7.50am...(dots...) Punishment, run, run than pumping. The day was still ok, our plattoon very small cause most of them went for running. Toay actually is games day one. After flag rising, a sense of impending danger rushed upon me. The CLTs, who did not come for about 8 trainings already came. As what i thought they came to see how our standants with the seniors without them fair. So we slack. Wa! Siao, Kana tekan like hell. Last year was worse but today very tired than feel like giving up. Later, we learn spicing... At least got time to rest. After that we did drills, marching with the CLTs. Dam, funny... one of our S.first Sergent make new song when marching. Dead tired by now, lucky today rain than escape the pumping before dismiss. I change into my T-shirt and pants than went to kopi-tiam to eat. After that, i saw my bro and follow him home. Reach home, i sleep until now, i just bath. K now me go study liao. Thats all.

「 Tuesday, September 21, 2004 」
「 screaming away 9:25 PM 」

Today, feel stress. dont know why? maybe today is the presentation i have to do today in front of 560 pupils. Haiz... First time doing this. Thinking of it makes my hairs stand. The day started well, with my broken finger which attracted questions all around me. The first few lesson, i was very tired, for no reason, should be my finger that cause the pain that made me tired out. Science lesson came Justin pass me the presentation script, trying to memorise it make the pain more terrible. It was easy, the words just get in my mind and didnt came out. All the presenters skip recess and went up the hall at 10am. Practising with the mic and laughing at each other. Everyone thought it would be easy, when the time come... The truth is reveal. I was the first group to present, with the pressure on me, i stammer the first few words. I tried to clam myself down but couldnt. So i read the script slowly and looked at the exit sign as though i'm looking at the crowd. I manage to pull it through. After all the presentation, nick names were given to some of us. Me, the mono tone guy...(dots...)benny, the stammerer. Jinglan, the china girl...haha. Last of all, Weisong, the singlish! Quite happy today i overcome a fear factor. Really glad man. K that's all forks!

「 Monday, September 20, 2004 」
「 screaming away 11:00 PM 」

Today, pain sia, my dam finger. I cant even hold a spoon well but still must write notes for exam. Yesterday i didnt write post because my hand too pain liao. Even now i typing slowly. I play bball than hurt my finger. Even after a early sleep yesterday, i still feel tired because of the pain...(dots...) In addition, 3 periods of english. Pengz! Dam tired. I went home with my frenz but end up by myself because they all no money to eat...(dots...) Haiz... Thinking for awhile, I thought that i cant eat U mian because i cant hold the chopsticks. Force to eat Mee Hoon Kweh. Eat liao, i went home. So sian, Waiting to go to tuition. Bath and than eat my dinner. The pain was terrible that i decide to skip tuition. I went to the sensei to twist back my finger. After the twisting and the pulling i felt better. Now tired liao. K let me sleep...ZZZZzzzz...

「 Saturday, September 18, 2004 」
「 screaming away 10:49 PM 」

Long time never go Ncc tran liao. Haha, because got INE couse. I didnot know it was an endurace trainig today, haiz... Morning havent even inspected the uniform ask us to run to 4 floor than run down twice. Check uniform, do pushup, no problem. Than comes to the crossfire pushup, i think because of that my joints a bit out...(dots...) Than cannot do pushup, but can run. Lol... Later in the late morning we did drills, haha the part A do hard drills create by one of the Sergent. Lol. March the whole day, sian. Until afternoon the seniors created a new programme, present all the best cadets of the day. Than go home. I went to swim with my bros, swim for an hour than we go home. Now eating dinner with muscle ache. Excise too much already. haha. Now sleep!!!

「 Friday, September 17, 2004 」
「 screaming away 10:06 PM 」 is the last day of the week. Two weeks more to EOY, scary huh. Nothing really happen today, only today they change the timetable of next week. Wa! great change man, lucky me not in E1, their math period next week 4 periods in a go man. Siaobo. I also get the form to go to kota tinigi for the hike, first time NCC going out of Singapore, Song bo. After school very sian, dont know why everyone so kwai or wad... All disappear right after school. I met Wei song than we went to collect the free cone. Haiz... We go 588 bball court which clark and the rest say they will go there right after school. They were not there...(dots...) We walk back and ws needed to go back school so he went. On the way we saw them walking to the bball court...(dots...) ws didnt want to go back again because quite far. Alvin siao siao, take the spiderman he found than say" Spiderman love U!" pengz... ws went back to school but i saw until ray and the rest, they ask me weather i want to go and play bball so i went with them. Play half way than rain. We play indoor monkey for about an hour than play bball. After that i went home. A long jouney back home...

「 Thursday, September 16, 2004 」
「 screaming away 10:09 PM 」

Today, normal... Only the person dont speak to me, So sad. Nevermind. The day went fine today only that one thing which i didnt want it to happen, which is kana choosen for the presentation on assembly. Sway!(dots...) Music lesson, we watch some dumb dance by a group of tap dances... Waste time. The period before recess, i was called down to have a dental checkup. The dentalist said nothing wrong with my teeth only got 4 holes. What, i was unaware of this. Wa! they take half hour to just fill the bottom teeth. Drill here and there so dam pain. The dentalist called me to come back 2 in the afternoon, to mend my top tooth. History class today sux, Teacher ask us to do a qns for each group, moreover the qns are so closely related. Wa! everyone do all wrongly most of us must redo it. Cheat sia, the history teacher also take away our cme lesson. SianZ. After school i when to the dental right away. Wa! In there it was like hell. They take so long to mend it, Slowly drill still hammer the hole bigger because the thing cant fit in, Pain like hell. Take one hour just to do the front tooth, if a person all the teeth got holes leh 2 days still havent finish ar. I was quite happy with the results, a cleaner tooth with no hole...haha..afternoon was boring so i not talking about it...bye

「 Wednesday, September 15, 2004 」
「 screaming away 10:30 PM 」

Today, very moody kana sabo by someone than now another person kan wo bu swang liao.Haiz... Morning it was still a good day we got expired holicks from the school.haha...During PE lesson i played soccer for the first time in sec 2 during PE lesson. Kia jin kicked the ball, however Asraf block than the ball go under a moving bus. BooM!(Dots...)No more soccer ball. that was the last soccer ball, so we had to subsitude with a hard one to play. Everything went like a normal day. Studying in class, sian sian one. Sway ar. Justin say that i must do presentation to the HOD. I am not good at presentation but did quite ok at the last one. K, Havent reach there so must wait. Today mrs leong came back from her leave, no more free periods liao. After school, i went to do the presentation. Starting i wasnt that scared but as teams finish their presentation. Anxiety came to me. By the time it was our turn i was shaking dam. I started quite ok but became worse at the middle part of the presentation. End of the presentation, they said they will shortlist 4 teams to present at the assembly. Me,benny and joeN went to Mc to eat. Haha, I eat fast that benny today.(lame) When home after that but couldnt eat dinner. Skipped dinner, I watch TV... At 10pm, my father came back and saw the amount of food left on the table, ask who did not eat. Started saying why if i did not want to eat never tell him. K me going eat the left of the food liao...(dots...)

「 Tuesday, September 14, 2004 」
「 screaming away 11:21 PM 」

Today, a fine day. It the end of seven month as yesterday most of the chinese walk with precaution. Careful, hope that nothing happens to them during the last day. As for today, Everyone it happy, at least i brought the literture book which i forgot to bring yesterday and skip the scolding from the teacher. There were many free periods like yesterday, because the N levels will still on. During the free periods many things happen, fun, fun and more fun. Still remember someone chase a person with a broom but end up losing.Haha... Maths period the teacher come in face black black. Scold, scold and scold. Ask where the rest of the class went to. Most of them went to see "SHOW" of the two boys say earlier...(dots...) Alvin than take out his discman and listen. He was hiding it under the table but blast the song so loud that the guys in front could hear. Luckly i cover the earphones when the teacher walked pass."Heng ar" He ar, keep repeating the song until sian. Even geography lesson still the same song. Haiz. After lesson, it end of school. Wa! today special everyone run so fast, not even 10 minutes, everyone is gone...(dots...) Me alone walk to sun plaza and eat ban mian. Eating half way, benny and alvin came, as usual bennt follow me eat ban mian than alvin buy Mc. Eat finish we went home. So Sian. After playing half an hour of cs sian liao. Already 6pm liao. Went to eat whats on the table. Watch the 7pm show than did some chinese and geography. Now sleeping liao. So sian.

「 Monday, September 13, 2004 」
「 screaming away 11:39 PM 」

Today, Monday huh. First of term 4, Wow! 3 more weeks to exam, Scary. Today very tired, maybe i'm too use to the late waking up in the holiday. First period, already kana scolding by the dam teacher. It the first day and most of the books i miss up bring. Nevermind...(dots...) After recess, we had 4 free periods haha. Had of much fun. After school, i and a group of friends went to eat our favourite "ban mian" Haha except Alvin...(dots...) So delicious. Me eat origrinally, Nothing added. Clark eat it with cut chilli pour in. Wei song and XL pour soy sause in. Joseph add all in(soy sause, cut chilli, chop chilli, pepper...etc)haha. After that me went home and wei song came to my house. We play cs, Than we see scary movie 2... Haha, So lame. After he went back. I remember i had tuition today. F**K Up. I went to bath quickly and ran to my tuition teacher's house. 2 hours of tuition... K Im out. I took my father car back home which save my bus fare. Reach home, i went to my math homework took me an hour. Going to sleep now liao..........zZZZ....

「 Sunday, September 12, 2004 」
「 screaming away 11:22 PM 」

Today, It sunday huh... Last day of the holiday, Feeling rather odd thinking not to back school again. Dont why???Nevermind. Woke up early this morning and no one's home except me and my da ge. My er ge and xiao di at my old house. So song, dont have that dam xiao di to disturb me. haha. After eating breakfast. I use the com for about 30 mins that my father, er ge and xiao di came back. Dam. Nevermind, also feeling bit of hungry, because had little breakfast. i made instant mee to eat first because i was very hungry liao and my bro also said he want to bath. At 12pm we went somewhere i long time never go liao. Woodlands causeway foodcentre, near causeway there. The fish soup there was very famous. But i didnt eat that because dont feel like eating that. I bought a plate of chicken rice and add one $0.50 rice. It was quite filling. Going back, trails of cars including the one i was sitting in was jam by a dam bus who did not park properly and block up the road. My bro took the chance to horn the car loudly...(dots...) the bus only move after 5 mins, what a waste of time. On reaching home i wanted to do the last day revision before the start of school. However i slept. Omg, i slept until 8pm...Dam. Woke up to do some revision than sleep. Ready up.... School i Come...

「 Saturday, September 11, 2004 」
「 screaming away 11:46 PM 」

Today, Me woke up late. Ha... So song. I was very tired from the competition yesterday. Haiz woke up by my bro singing, so noisey. I took cornfakes for breakfast with holicks, first time try this mix. Quite nice. In the afternoon i and my bro went to buy a basketball. Whats the brand... O ya, S.p.a.Dont know how to spell..haha...(dots...) Went to play Bball after that. The basketball court full as usual. I went to eat quite good food for lunch today. Wa eat like hell... Sooooo OOOOOshiiiiii........T haha. i play cs for the whole afternoon spending the last 2 days of holiday. After dinner, i went to do chinese revision, at last revising chap 22. Haiz... Now dont know why i wish school reopen faster. Maybe i toooooo sian liaoZZZZ... Me go sleep liao...

「 Friday, September 10, 2004 」
「 screaming away 11:02 PM 」

Today, I wake up extremely early 4.45am. Wa... even earlier than what i usually wake up. Why??? Becox today got robotics competition. Reach school 6.30 still must wait for the ms tan. Kaoz! Wait until 7.30 she came and the bus came 5 min later. We were late. In addition the bus driver is a slow coach...(dots...)Wa lao! Dam***king hungry. I didnt eat breakfast and so as the other except some of them. Reach there i as the leader must register. Dont care liao, go eat.haha. The Bitch went to register instead haha. After at 9 the competition start. Kao! we here work hard hard, ms tan went to movie to spend her time. Nvm. she also nothing to do what. Wa, first time ownself go up to put the robot in action. When it was my turn, i put the robot and run it. It ran properly but went siao at the centre of the mission. If we fail that mission we kana kick out of the competition. I saw the light reading a bit high, so i block the light using my shadow. Lolx, my method work. We quick do up the other mission but not in luck the robot did not go very well. Lost alot of marks for nothing...(dots...)However, One of the mission we get full marks...haha. From 73 position jump to 21. But the later mission also never work that well so our position started droping. We got top 30 at last. Quite good liao better than the sec3s haha... Today dam tired k me go sleep liao...haha...

「 Thursday, September 09, 2004 」
「 screaming away 10:40 PM 」

Today, Nothing much juz like the last few days. Holiday what... If no one goes out than stay at home always same thing happen.Sianz... However, today not so boring at home. I chatted with my old buddies from B.A.S.C. From young there is the worst place i even went "B.A.S.C." Nvm. My buddies, Ming & Wi are brothers i saying real brothers. I long time never see them liao, so can talk alot.LolX! Maybe, December going to meet them. K we chat for hours, because they take turns to use the com. I went to eat around 12pm and came back around 2pm, one of them still online. So we chat. Wa lao, sway dont know is u guys want to siam me or what. I went to lunch so many people log in. I came back only left like 4. Haiz...(dots...) no one to chat again. At night also same thing me went to eat dinner. My bro lost his wallet haiz inside still got the key. Cant go home...(dots...) After half an hour of finding than find until. Reach home so many greeting but all write " this user may not reply because his/her is offline" haiz...It is the 4 day of the holiday already and i still have not have any fun, not even going out. When will someone go out and call me to go too...Haiz...Sianz means sianz...

「 Wednesday, September 08, 2004 」
「 screaming away 11:59 PM 」

Today, waked up 7am because must go school for the dam robotics. Haiz, holiday... never go out still must go school...(dots...)Went to bath, change , make my hair. Still early 8.15am, must reach school by 9, so i went to see show. Wa kao, see untill 9.05. cao (run) Run to the bus stop take a bus. I thought i took the wrong bus luckly it still stop at masiling Mrt station. took Mrt to sewbawang and run to school. Wa! so hungry, than i remember why i so early liao. havent eat breakfast WHAT! went to the vending machine buy water. Press the Heaven and earth button. Money went in nothing came out...(dots...)Luckly i still have money. Buy lemon tea went up. Late by 30mins but never mind me senior...(haha)Go there Zo bo(do nothing). Everything my group members do.Haiz... Me go do a robot for one of the mission. Do half way my friend call me go eat. Meet until Mrs Loy at the back gate. Say byebye.Than we ownself go mc to eat. Eat already go back. Do the mission until 4pm than go home. Reach home at 4.45pm see "naruto" until 7pm. Wa.. so song. Eat dinner . Watch show . Than do chinese after that it about 9.30pm. Now writing this blog. Going to have supper now bye.

「 Tuesday, September 07, 2004 」
「 screaming away 1:12 AM 」

Today, it was a sleepy day. i woke up at 11am, saw my bro watching tv. i watch the tv with him... i think the show is "Jacky wu zhong xian" the show, dam funny, laugh until i stomach pain. After the show, i felt sleep than i went to sleep... ... ... Sleep until lunch time over liao, than wake up. That time was about 2pm, waa!!! I sleep for 2 hours...(dots...) I eat the "yong tau fu" which was for my lunch. i went to play the com after lunch. Chat with friends, today have more friends online, about 9 instead of the 0 yesterday. Haiz, so boring just chating. i went to play counter strike, wao cao, the people i there cheat like hell, Cant even play move abit suddenly they appear and kill u. Getting more and more boring...Went to do some Chinese as i wanna use the holiday as a revision time. By this time it was 5pm. my eye bags become so heavy than i went to sleep again. This time i sleep until 9pm, o my ***k god. Miss the show...(dots...) i eat my dinner late again and wanted to sleep. however i cant, im to awake.(sleep already 7 hours in the afternoon liao).On my bro's laptop and write this post. than after that which is now im going to sleep... What a sleepy day............

「 Monday, September 06, 2004 」
「 screaming away 10:07 PM 」

Today i did almost nothing. I woke up at 9, on the com and wanted to use it. However, my bro wanted to use it so i had to watch the Tv. WTF no shows... only news. Dam, force to watch sesame street, Lalalala, elmo world... What the hell. Nvm, lets get back to where i was talking. Later my bro went to do some shit, so i use the com. I did the blog for about an hour, adding songs ,adding friend blog links and listening to music. Wanted to chat with friends, again Wtf... None online... I remember there most of them went for the P5 camp and was not back. Haiz. I went to eat lunch at noon, walking to the coffeeshop suddenly it rain. Luckly i reach there already.Bought chicken rice and eat. Evening, after dinner, watch show... See told ya I did almos nothing again. Holiday for fun, not to be bored... Haiz. SIANZ DAY!

「 Sunday, September 05, 2004 」
「 screaming away 11:00 AM 」

Wooo....Took so long to do this template. This is my first post of this blog, Today was very boring as i didnt do anything even though it was school holiday.Haiz...Life sUx rite. Just doing this blog the whole afternoon from 1 to 5pm, it was hard as i didnt know how to use the program. Later i found out it was so easy to use, took an hour to complete the template. I just took night supper and it was my first time trying Banana Roti Prata (Yummy!) Best thing i did today. Now waiting to see the anime 'Naruto'(Still Downloading) Dots...

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