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「 Monday, August 03, 2009 」
「 screaming away 4:32 PM 」

It's been a while since i blogged yeap. Blogging in school now. HA! Seriously, time-tighted with countless of sleepless nights. The past one month has been a rollercoaster riding for me, having the feeling of gain things and losing it the next second. Somehow, i really wish and hope that everything is as true as it seems at that point of time. Even now, sometimes i will still wonder. I'm sorry for thinking this way yeah. Things that happen were just nothing i expected, nightmare? /: but i really hope you would be the one changing this thinking of mine. I dont want you to keep feeling the way that you do now k? Thanks for those assurance and promises. Everything takes time yea? I want you to be happy, like the way you want me too. (:

Anyway, i would like to thank a friend, a brother & someone who is always there for me. Thanks for the understanding and trust yea, through those hard times, those doubts in the last months. Our friendship has became stronger yea! (: Yup, more outings, more outings. dont always say me girlgirlgirl la. you also. haha! :P Yeap, things will always be for the better. Andee think positive alright?(:

hmm, i guess i'll end here. maybe upload some photos when i get home? maybe~ ha! laters. (:

Music stuck in my head!
Pda (We don't care) by John Legend

*missing the little one who is doing her exam. (::

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