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「 Wednesday, March 30, 2005 」
「 screaming away 10:18 PM 」

From young i been taught tat i always take to hands to clap...For wad happen today...Just to have Fun almost land myself in all started yesterday...i n jocelyn started to spread tat we r have stead...which i fake...haha...our acting too real liao..until everyone believe..even if u did not tink of the conseques...i should haf thought of it ..Haiz ... really regert..duno how ppl tink of me now...Despo??...i dun care liao lar..i tink now i choing study liao...then after school...i when for was ok lar..onli that i started to feel abit headache after training...haiz wads happening to at home...having abit of a headache still..i still rmb last time tis happen...keep headache..i had fever for a few days..hope tat would not happen again...jus wanna fake..LOLX...real..N if cause ani trouble..i srri...k end...wa.. headache...wanna slp liao.. bye...

「 Friday, March 25, 2005 」
「 screaming away 11:57 PM 」

This is for Wei Song...Good Friday is the day when jesus died...Easter Sunday is when jesus relive..Who say i dun know...LOLX...K lar.. today i again going out with my bro "BENNY".. lame.. lyk the show we going to watch..."SpongeBoB Squarepants"..haha..But today diffrent... i came earlier than him..benny late for the first time...haha...bought tickets ... than see the funny but not me...real not nice..only got one part funny...the king go n show spongbob his bald head...than so shiny until someone eyes burn..then he shout "Argh... MY EYES!! MY EYES!!" wa.. laugh until i roll off the chair...other than tat...nth was funny...only lame..after the movie..cause we where at causeway...where we walk until sian liao..then do wad..go home it a lame day...Duno wan to go tml anot..Wei Song keep bugging me...K to sleep liao... Zzzzzz......

「 Tuesday, March 15, 2005 」
「 screaming away 11:43 PM 」

HOLIDAYS... Haiz so boring...Nothing to do..Just spend my days slacking and doing homework. i tink i really spend my time make the new template of the old one i made last year..LOLX.. i tink it really nicer 100 effort payed off..yea.. she also dun really care almost me..haiz.. really sad.. tink i being alone my secondary school life... But i dun wish tat to happen..nvm...Today i went out with benny to orchard to buy bag.. haha.. again i was late..LOLX..always go out with benny i will be late by 5-6 mins..srri lar...but i tink quite ok lar.. We go orchard nvr really walk the whole orchard cause dun wanna waste time...Aniway walk few thousand time liao ... sian.. so we just walk at far east plaza to find the bag we wanted... wa.. walk so long still havent not find...At last.. we saw a bag tat attracted our attention..."BIG"..dots...If monday u see tis bag u dun say big, then u mus be cork eyed..lolx..then later went to liddo to buy pepsi cause there gt free refill ma..( onli pro noe )..lolx
..nvr do alot..after that go home liao..the more i see the big the nicer..lolx..k lar nth to say liao..stop...Lastly..If u wanna go my ...bye..

「 Thursday, March 03, 2005 」
「 screaming away 10:06 PM 」

Today the common test starts...wa... stress again begin e.math was easy but i already lost 4-5marks because of careless mistake..think back..i thought secondary 2 was the most stress because of steaming..however this year was far more stress..o my..e.maths was first..the paper came..i did it very fast no problem man...after the was social was quite easy..however i took 10 minutes to figure out how to do the paper..overall the paper was ok...after the exam i see everyone so stress..including make record, take almost 4 hours of A.maths lesson...can die man...a.math so stress..after school choing home study a.math...2 power subject will be tested tommorrow..must study like hell..k no time to type liao...back to studies....STRESS!!!

「 Wednesday, March 02, 2005 」
「 screaming away 11:42 PM 」

Wa...long time never write blog liao..cause no very sian so never the day start out well. actually not that well.. the first lesson was chinese lesson..i didnt do the chinese corrections than he not only scolded me...some more suan me...o my.. he number 1 suaner man..than chemistry lesson..the new teacher ms tey take over mdm pang...dam.. her teaching sux man.. dont no what she teaching..lolx.. i think i rather study on my own better..after the lesson..the best lesson of the day is studies..haha.. but today not so fun..must study the exam format..sianz...but still quite ok..i went for recess..dam hungry so eat alot today..however gt some of the people come back late from recess then the phyics lesson shorten by half an some more gt phyics test... then the test from an hour before half an hour...dots.. so short how to last ... i didnt do the last question .. than the mr lee do want to give extra unfair...some more the test is a common test..than go for english lesson... so stress liao...see the english words all as phyics words...o my...then character development lesson... o my.. must meet the giant tree we kao bei her...haha...she say wads risk taking..i answer her.. jump from 35th floor..then she say when u risk take u must be happy after that..i say ..ya lar.. if i manage to be alive .. i be happy...lolx.. suan her ...after that go home liao... everyone rush home because got common test tommorrow...e maths and social studies... stress ar...k lar so late liao... got to sleep...

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