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「 Monday, September 29, 2008 」
「 screaming away 12:33 AM 」

All i can say that it was amazing. It's a pity that Singapore uncles can't appreciate it. There are reports showing coffeeshops showing the F1 nightrace when groups of uncles went against it, due to their favourite epl. wth? It's the first time SG is doing it, plus it's the first in Asia with this kind of reaction? one word, LOL! XD anyway, the overall respose to it wasn't a high as expected. I remembered doing a project on it last year, and in my conclusion i gave so much benefits which it may bring. Now i know what my teacher meant as over exaggerated. HA! Anyway, the result of it was shocking. With Alonso Winning, and Masa taking last. Feel sad for Masa, a dumb mistake by the pit crew.

So much for F1, for the last few weeks of my holiday had been meaningful. It was Brother's Week! Went to check out many place that we didn't before. Like Cycling trip in Pulau Ubin, for me it my first time there. More fun. LOL! And also to celebrate Bear's Bday at Sakae. Lastly, Saturday's Steamboat & Sleepover. Had Fun! Thanks guys. HA!

Oh yeah, and my laptop exploded for some reason. It was like, "GOAL!" then a blank screen. Argh!

Crap! Bye.

Music stuck in my head!
婚礼进行曲 by 胡彦斌

「 Friday, September 12, 2008 」
「 screaming away 2:05 AM 」

Feels great to be back in Singapore, the clean, green city with purified air. HA! A few days there made my old sickness came back, sensitive nose. bored. Much better now, Singapore air is so much better, be greatful people. Anyway, it was a bad trip there but a great trip back. Tell you guys next time why. One cool thing i found out, my hometown is 'Jiang Nan'. Cool, next time sing JJ Lin song will have more meaning to it. Yup, you guessed it. I went to 'Chuan Zhou, Xiamen' a part of China. I'll blog only when i'm more free yeah? Ha. Yup, that's all for now. Bye!

Music stuck in my head!
Dear God by Avenge Sevenfold

「 Saturday, September 06, 2008 」
「 screaming away 2:51 AM 」

And i'll be off to somewhere far, kind of the furthest i've been so far. HA! More amazingly, my vigin trip on an aeroplane. LOL! weird for someone in this century to not sit an aeroplane for 18years of his life. At least it wouldn't be that long anymore. FLY! (: But, there were things to be done before this trip. Dam, it was troublesome. Visa? Asked for a recent photo for it but in the end, it doesn't come with the photo. -.- (i went to one of the photoshop near my house, they charge 6 photos for $10. Normally, is 4 for $6) But why would i need 6? Waste my money. LOL! Updated my passport too, oh yeah. Noticed i didn't went to malaysia for quite sometime, compared to last few years which my passport mus be replaced like 3 times a year? LOL! (Reason: Sometimes just go in to johore to eat, then come out. LOL!) Like what i said, holiday are getting boring. But for the last one week it was still alright. Went to the I.T fair with ben, and got my long awaited 320GB HDD. yeah! And at last, i went to Za's new house. Why at last? Cos everytime we want to crash his house, i will say next week please. LOL! sorry guys, i'm always kinda busy. HA! Anyway, PS3 is the dope! Can't get more of it. ha. Winning-11 players can dive? LOL! joke. but fun la. Hmm, my phone line has ended. Still thinking whether to get an iPhone, my bro's are physico-ing me. WTH. Hmm, maybe~ (:

Music stuck in my head!
Afterlife by Avenge Sevenfold

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