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「 Friday, June 30, 2006 」
「 screaming away 10:58 PM 」

haha.typing using my PSP. quite ma fan [troublesome]. lols but fun. haha. boring day at school. nahs, tired. easily crossed but in the late afternoon, im having chinese oral o's levels. hais, sian made my day so boring. went to jac hse after school. slack there, thanks for the noodles. nice! OK. my fear, chinese. worst still im one of the last. adeline was behide me. wahahahas. still had fun. jokes shared with each other to calm ourselves down. but i was still trembling. after 2.5 hrs, my turn came. it was ok! yea! my teacher spotted that question. it came out. but i was praying that question will not come out, not really much ideas on it. nvm, it's over! ok the oral finish really late, super tired. walked out of the school with sarah,adeline and peiyi. cant stop laughing ar sarah. lols. we were the last ones there. went home after that, wanted to sleep. then benny called me to go jieying Bithday BBQ. reluctantly, i went cos it was already quite late. reach there at about 7.30pm. so late. played soccer, injuried. hais, so suay. thanks, jie ying for the food, your fried rice is nice as usual. Yum! After that, we went to view rd once again. i didnt know at first, until brian told me before we went off. Took a bus there, let me see. me, brian, ferza, aiman, joc, thengong went. For some reason i wasnt really scared, maybe all my fears were drain from that chinese oral. the place was fenced up, but found a small opening, stain with lubicant. Afraid it would stain my shirt. My $120 shirt. lols. still manage to survey round the playground. seems like someone before us had a failed attempt to conquer this place. so we just left. took a bus back home alone. didnt want you guys to go home later while waiting for my bus, it was already 1030. i had fun though. Maybe going to watch the match Agentina VS. Germany, Agentina WIN! i hope. lols. nites guys.

*Happy Birthday Jie Ying! Sweet 16.*

「 Tuesday, June 27, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:24 PM 」

PE as usual, but now it's on a tuesday. Played with the E3 people, except for aiman. goalkeeper huh? lols. Didnt exercise for the whole holiday, skills down for sure. Mistakes, crap! the defence sure is down. lols. let nigel "the wall" to defend. lols at last a draw 4-4. lols. after PE, back to the boring stuffs again. Lucky no maths today, but chemistry. Today's lesson was ok, no troubles. Physics getting abit confusing, but still catching some balls here and there, shouldnt be a problem. Just done my homework, draw draw draw... done. tired, nites people*

「 Monday, June 26, 2006 」
「 screaming away 10:23 PM 」


At last, the waiting had all come to a end. lols, nahs didnt want this day to come actually. the pressure is getting more intense. but, good in a way. i'm really bored at home, with school, force to socialise. hahas. peeps! long time no see, 3 weeks? happy to see friends yea! nothing have change much. except some things. worst, 2 periods of chemistry in a row! ._. nvm. Did normal lessons, boring once again. i feel like going back to the holidays again. lols. manage to cross it. Hmm, i guessed i watch the whole FMA finish, yay! nice. superb! thats all. nites*

「 Saturday, June 24, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:46 PM 」

one more day?
no 2. going to 1. hais, that was fast and 3 weeks has pass. Many things had happen i guess. Lifeless it seems. k, didnt feel like waking up today. but i had to complete my homework. woked up, i started to slack. hais, no mood to do. still left one whole stack. k i only didnt 10 qns today. left 30qns + misc15 + Amaths P2. hmm, went to fetch my bro in the evening, went to have our dinner at woodlands after that. Went home, my bro wanted to go to the movies. Yea! Scary movie 4, i was awaiting it. We change and went to CWP, see the 2nd last movie i think. 10pm screening. nahs, the movie wasnt as funny as i thought i would be. feeling kind of a waste actually. I'll rate it 2.5 stars, super lame, quite funny. went home after that. Yup, just came home. hmm, got to continue with my homework. nites*

「 Friday, June 23, 2006 」
「 screaming away 10:16 PM 」

hais, i need a miracle here. the homework is really drowning me. hmm, went to the library to complete all my english. Argh, maths still drowning me. really that chinese pharse, happy for nothing. Yup, that's exactly what happened. Justin told me 10 qns each for tys 4 chapters. I read the msg wrongly and thought 10 qns only. hais. worst than the 25 qns i was thinking of doing. 40 qns! i really need a miracle. haha. nvm. Met bens at library. Late again as usual, sry (: smile. Always miss that bus. Started talking in stead of doing our work cause we were at the first floor, talking isnt a problem. But still got things done after awhile. Manage to finish all my english. Still left kind od alot for maths. Got to do all by tommorrow if i still want to go out on sunday. after library slack around CWP. been walking here for a million time. but just like to slack around huh. after that went to mos to eat. hmm, nice. should not have call a meal, paid a extra $2.50 for a fries which i hardly eat. went home after that. watched another 10 esp of FMA getting more exciting but it's finishing. lols. hmm, i need extra energy. hmm, 2 more days. so fast! hais, need help mentally as well as physically. A miracle? yea! nites*

「 Thursday, June 22, 2006 」
「 screaming away 6:34 PM 」

*stretching arms*
phew. im tired. hahas, yea! i finish most of my english. woo! drowned by my homework the last few days. yup, swimming up? wahahahhahas. lame expression. hais, cant watch anymore FMA. missing one esp. waiting for the next esp. esp 29 hais. nvm skip to 30. so did hw only, got tired after awhile. Went to make blogskins, at last back to make only one. hahas. requested by someone. been watching FMA too. Lucky you. hahas. Nice! hahas. must start on the other homework already, been resting for 4 hours. byes*

* 'NEW' blogskin 'FMA[a promise i made]' *

「 Wednesday, June 21, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:56 PM 」

*taking a breath*
phew. tough day, yep. a super bored one too. didnt had the mood to do homework. Slack around the whole day once again. I tried to do an essay, got tired of it after doing it half way. No ideas to write. hais, writing skills have become rusty after the holiday. yea! again watch FMA. Addicted, too bad only got 50 esp. Watched halfway ya? so nice and i have used 12 and 1/2 hrs watching it. :) i dont care. hahas. yep blogging now, my father and his crap again. Want to off the main pluck? accused me of playing the whole day? i never even play a single dam thing! argh. anyway i don really care. better end this post quick, before the main pluck gets pulled off. nites people*

home alone. yea! lols. nahs, im so bored. Woke up super late today of my brother werent at home to wake me up. hmm, done half of my english. Good in a way im alone, no one to distract me away from my studies. I did a cycle of things. Do my work, then watch an episode of FMA, then do my work again, then watch FMA again. Yea! boost me mentally to work. Great way i guess. Starting to feel FMA(Fullmetal Alchemist) is a really nice anime. but really lifeless i guess. nvm. hahas. tolarate it for another week, school is reopening soon. Yea! though i hate it. loLs. nites people!

*Fullmetal Alchemist*

「 Monday, June 19, 2006 」
「 screaming away 1:42 AM 」

my new hairstyle :)Posted by Picasa

My long post just got deleted. hais. NVM. retype.
Hmm. woke up early today morning as i slept quite early ytd. hahas. Do my homework! loLs. yep. Still got quite abit more, no sure if there is enough time for revision. hmm. seems like the only one who finish the homework is desiree. so fast! nuts? should be. loLS. after doing finish the homework, I watch initial-D the movie for the second time, yea! still as nice as the last time. Skipped all the waste time parts though :) after that went out with my family. Went to watch a movie. yep. Father's Day rite? yea. But seems like no one is celebrating it. Of cos, World Cup. Probarely be sleeping. Had a hard time deciding on a movie both we and our parents could watch. No show too, so were forced to watch Garfield. hais, another waste money movie. but my parents enjoyed it so it's still a success. hmm. After that went to cut my hair, buhahahas. The Punker is back. loLs. Ok... hmm.. nice... no comments. quite ok, better than the messed up one i had before. Styleless, that's one word to describe it. Mdm Vani still say why your hair so much style. i went like ._. "ohh.. issit?" hmm. tired, cutting short this post. Got tired of retyping it. nites people. Need energy for tommorrow. As tommorrow is "Homework time!" :)

*Happy Father's Day"
[ If you read this just send my greetings :) ]

「 Saturday, June 17, 2006 」
「 screaming away 12:19 AM 」

feeling so sick, woked up early in the morning and vomitted. ate too much ytd before i slept i guess. Made me feel so sick. went back to bed after that. Woke up later in the afternoon. Had a splitting headache for the whole day. Wanted to do homework but my head was just too pain, went back to sleep. Hibernating? loLS. Woke up 5++ watch tv till now. Slack huh? hmm. for today only. I guess no one want to go out. lifeless, i think i will be just spending my holidays studying and slacking. No going out, socialising. loLs. study! nites*

「 Friday, June 16, 2006 」
「 screaming away 2:51 AM 」

just came back. that match England VS TNT, so many chances. Lucky they still win. Almost lose, or a draw in other case. Last 7 mins though, almost gave everyone there a heartattack. wahahahas. Hmm, at last. I went to the library. yay, completed one more hw. Left 3 more maths paper. I tink. Met benny at 10am, i was late. Shit both that uncle man. Miss 2 bus in a row. *Sleepy* nvm. Reach there start on amaths paper. I though very little sia. It was like OMG. quite alot. do until 1pm went for lunch. Superman buddy meal. loLs. I dun fantasics with superman though. It been a long time sincei ate Fries chicken. Argh, not that nice after all. too crispy, that aunty duno how to listen ar. We order mix crispy and original. Nvm. After that benny went some where. Hmm. i headed home. so tired but i didnt want to slp. slack around. At last at 6 ++ i couldnt take it and went to sleep. Until 9++ woke up to take my dinner. Than came home watch tv. Until 12, my bro suggested to go and watch the match England VS TNT, k watch. so intense. So many chance but never score. Until last 7 mins. At last, Peter C. scored. I was like phew. awhile later Steven G. scored. Woo! Super Kick. Anyway nice save by Terry, Flying Kick. loLs. Hmm. it's late. gotta catch some sleep. Maybe going out tommorrow. nites*

* England VS TNT *

「 Thursday, June 15, 2006 」
「 screaming away 12:10 AM 」

woke up.
*blur look around* wah! Oh no, it's the 14th already. so fast. Let me see another 1 week 5 more days. Hmm. Going to library tommorrow, must complete all my homework. Than start my revision. tired. Argh. nvm. did almost nothing today. ok nth. hais. I'm so bored living in a lifeless life. Dont wanna waste my time anymore. 1 week 5 days will be fully spend :) say goodbye to boredness! hello harkworker. loLS. Got all my allowance already. at last i cant take at least a bus to some where. loLs. Gotta have a early nite, tommorrow must wake up early. niteS everyone*

* 1week5days *

「 Tuesday, June 13, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:20 PM 」

lols. must tell myself that. Just keep slacking off, sleeping, watching tv. loLs. cant concentrate. Woke up super late today. Just love to sleep. wahahahas. it seems i done nth today. walk around the house? loLs. Playing Winning-11 the whole day. The World Cup just made me wanna play more. Stunt "si"(die) the opponents. loLs. Helped a online friend to complete her web. Yay! congrats genius? loLs. Nothing much for today. It's the 13th already. so fast! time is chasing me faster than i thought it would. Sleeping soon. Nites*

「 Monday, June 12, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:36 PM 」

having a slacking time since the start of the holiday. cant really concentrate in my studies. hais. Really want to go out, seeing the same old four grey walls everyday(not really grey,blue actually) lols. Managed to stop myself from making more blogskins. But have so much time to slack, not sure what to do. but i just know that i have lots of hw to complete and lots more to study. Start today, manage to do some maths only. phew, lots more to go. Edited my blog, yups! now have a section on my skins. Cool! hmm? anyone planning to go out? hahas. many! loLs. Blah! nites everyone. Not sleeping yet though. hahas. GOAL! *playingW-11*

*weird dreams*

「 Sunday, June 11, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:31 PM 」

As usual, no where to go. Life is so meaningless. It's either i'll be studying or slacking. Lifeless. Really hate this. Slacking the whole day once again. Just cant seem to get a grip of life. yea. Hmm. Submitted a new skin today. Check it out. Stopped submitting for awhile? yup, got to go back to my studies. Wasted quite abit of time there, Or alot? Watch TV the whole afternoon. Yea! screening of X-MenII Really nice. didnt got to watch it when it was in the movies. Understand the story better now. Going to sleep soon, niteS*

* emotionless *
* 'NEW' blogskin 'vooDOO' *

can somebody help me? dying here.. hmm.. a feeling of meaningless is crashing on me.. feeling that life is a drag.. i wanna cross it fast.. loLs.. im 90 years old.. loLs.. if i lived till that old.. still got 74 more years.. woah! woked up this morning.. with a spliting headache.. roll to the side of my bed and i fell off.. argh.. pain.. slacked the whole day.. watch animes.. cartoons.. wahahahas.. feels like primary school days again.. it's a great feeling.. but the same feeling im feeling at primary school.. the feeling of being trap at home.. i wanna go out!! actually i can.. lols.. will stop blogskining from tommorow.. doing too many skin for the whole of last week.. but will submit the last skin.. i made.. but submitting tmr.. look out of it? nothing more? yup.. nites*
* 'NEW' blogskin 'myDARKroom' *

「 Friday, June 09, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:52 PM 」

2nd week is ending.. feeling so trap in time.. argh.. havent even go out this holiday.. at least maybe to cwp.. or maybe to the library.. just stuck at home.. cashless.. make a skin in the morning.. nice..'myHEART'.. bored.. started on some maths again.. by night saw some pictures at deiviantART.. got an idea.. made 2 more skins.. :) 'lessons of life' yup.. LOL! lols.. in 2 versions.. Horizontal and Vertical.. Horizontal shld be the best i have made so far.. really like it.. Feeling quite sick in my mind.. argh.. sleep? nahs.. world cup is next.. starting soon.. byes! nites for some though.. loLs..

* 'NEW' blogskin 'myHEART' *
* 'NEW' blogskin 'LessonOfLife [Horizontal]' *
* 'NEW' blogskin 'LessonOfLife[Vertical]' *

「 Thursday, June 08, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:56 PM 」

just feel so sick in my heart.. prefectly fine outside though.. restless it seems.. once again.. my bro took my pencil box without telling me.. argh! penciless.. i wanna do my homework!! nvm.. woke up early.. something just woke me up.. made this skin.. 'walkAWAY' ..nice! best i've done so far... if i didnt have this unique skin.. i would have use this.. so cute! professional too.. slacked for the whole afternoon.. jamming my guitar.. woo.. that feeling is great.. went to fetch meet my bro from camp..night's out.. went for dinner.. after that wanted to catch a movie.. 'cars' or maybe 'almost love' .. sian.. both also 9++ than start.. cant see le.. nvm.. next time maybe.. rush a skin for my eldest bro.. nice.. too bad you cant see.. wahahahahs.. send me bro back to camp after that.. wouldnt see you for another week.. have fun there.. as in "fun" lols.. best of luck.. just came back.. *yawn* tired.. nites people*

* 'NEW' blogskin 'walkAWAY' *

「 Wednesday, June 07, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:58 PM 」

what a boring holiday.. just feel time is ticking so fast.. hmm.. seems like everyone didnt went out.. all at home.. slacking? only me i guess.. other all 'chiong ar!' loLs.. mapling? yup.. think so too.. hmm.. spend the whole morning figuring out how to make joc blog.. yup.. still managed to done it.. though it's not really great.. but it's still nice.. not really good at pictures.. hmm.. slack! my bro took my pencil box for his exams.. hais.. no pencil even to do my homework.. hmm.. seeing both my blogskins up on top 15 rated skins.. nice! loLs.. just made finish a blogskin.. not bad.. just re-editing it become they dont like the complacity of it.. make it more simple.. nice! gonna sleep le.. tired.. niteS*

* that feeling is fading *
* 'NEW' blogskin 'aloneHEARTLESS' *


「 Tuesday, June 06, 2006 」
「 screaming away 9:58 PM 」

feel so lost.. so hard to get over it.. hais.. crawl out from bed.. woked up by my brother's singing.. wah? early morning singing.. crapping noise.. even the nicest sound will be noise to anyone's ear.. made a skin the whole morning.. woah.. nice! the best i've made.. went for lunch.. forgotten to get my allowance from my mum.. argh.. lucky my bro have extra.. came back.. started to do my maths.. still many more to go.. moodless.. After awhile.. actually quite long.. i stop at about 4++.. dam sick.. really miss you.. cant you just sms me? ask anything.. i wish.. u wouldnt i guess.. really really sian!.. going to bed early i think.. not to do.. nites people*

* missing you *

* 'NEW' Skin 'AloneInDarkness' *

「 Monday, June 05, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:56 PM 」

phew.. i guess i crossed it.. the last day of school.. for now.. but studying still must continue.. hmm.. but didnt feel like studying today after 5hours of chemistry at school.. slackering.. woke up quite early today.. yay.. no need to walk to school.. my father fetch me.. been a long time since he fetch me.. he and his excuses.. crap.. nvm.. i dun mind going to school by myself anyway.. started with practical first.. woah.. quite ok ba.. not that boring.. went for an hour break.. ate chicken rice.. *pui* crap food.. the boring part came after.. go through the homework we done.. phew.. after that we went home.. didnt eat lunch.. been playing winning-11 the whole afternoon.. made a blogskin at nght.. not bad.. actually is nice.. still cant think a design for her.. her photos just dun bland into the background.. even it does.. it wouldnt look good.. nvm.. still working on it.. *thinking* hmm.. im tired.. really tired.. at last i can have a good night sleep.. niteS*

* 'NEW' Blogskin. 'YouMEalone' *

「 Sunday, June 04, 2006 」
「 screaming away 2:14 AM 」

took myself away from life for abit.. hahas.. kind of stress free.. seems to be a long time since saturday was a free day.. woke up still so-called early.. from the timing i slept yesterday.. 9++.. becoming a panda i guess.. loLs.. cute mah.. nahs.. wouldnt want to be one.. upload the skin i made yesterday.. hehe.. thanks ferza.. for your first comments.. hahas.. went to fetch my bro from camp.. hmm.. for lunch as well.. came back i slept till 5++.. *tired* then my bro suggested to go to the movies.. loLs.. seems like i have watch movies every weekends for the last few months.. went to town to catch a movie.. wanted to watch "she's the man" .. sold out.. left 9.30.. waited.. went to eat dinner first.. guess we were sick of waiting.. just watch the movie.. "the benchwarmers" seems noone watching it.. but the show was dam funny.. laugh until roll off the chair.. went home after that.. hmm.. seems like everyone have logout.. all went to sleep i guess.. hmm.. same time as ytd i guess.. nites*

*it feels like i'm irritating you..haiS *

「 Saturday, June 03, 2006 」
「 screaming away 2:36 AM 」

totally.. everyone moving their own ways.. just feel im a loner.. hate to be lonely.. hais.. went to school today yea? again almost late.. rushed.. at least i ate something before i came to school.. first lesson was maths lesson.. purely stress.. more and more maths paper.. though have many optional.. i just take it.. must do it! feeling there's no time left.. just feel like crashing into a wall or sth.. the stress is just pushing me down.. but if u know me.. i would never do anything to shorten my life.. *silly things*.. overcome the problem what ever is it.. again our break had nth.. noodles again.. somemore is not any noodles.. mee soto.. crap.. sick of it.. went for english class.. hmm.. lucky.. i AVA.. cooling.. not bad.. as slack as before.. quite fun too actually.. starting to feel studying is not that bad after all.. after school.. walked to sun plaza.. a group of us.. just didnt know what to talk to you.. starting to feel that we talk nth other than homework or studies.. hais.. dun we have anything in common? feel like a loser.. bens will know what i mean.. haiS.. world of losers!.. he's not one though.. bens went to make spec with his mum.. alone.. walked around cwp.. look around.. been walking in cwp for about hundreds of times.. not sure why i still do that.. just looking around for people i know.. amazingly.. sembawang's standards have increased.. see no one at cwp.. great.. went to eat yoshinoya by myself.. salmon bowl! my fav. yum!.. got bored after that i guess.. head to civic centre.. than to library.. amazing? i started to study.. time passed really fast.. 3 hrs just pass in an blink of an eye.. done most of the chemistry up.. still left abit more.. gonna finish it up before monday.. hais..went home.. saw some of the pics Joc send me.. hmm.. *ding..light blub blinks on top of my head* loLs.. got an idea.. made a blogskin specially for myself.. took quite long.. i guess i just completed it.. blogger seems to be on updating.. cant upload my new skin.. haiS.. wait for tomorrow then.. quite nice.. check it out tommorrow.. really late now.. nites guys!

* 'NEW' skin(check it out tommorrow)

* help you rub..(my care for you, isnt your concern)

「 Thursday, June 01, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:50 PM 」

Uploaded some pictures that we took today..

*My Class with the 2 couples...

* me, bens and Jac

* me and aiman

* me and Joc

* on our way back..

fun day.. with fun lessons.. but hunger killed me.. i was so tired.. so hungry.. argh! save me.. loLs..woke up late today.. didnt had breakfast.. i rush all the way to school.. really had a hard time passing physics lesson.. though it was important.. unknowingly i slept.. argh! first time i slept in physics lesson.. woke up by my teacher.. loLs.. lucky is lee's class.. if it was other teacher.. massive destruction would have happen.. hahas.. went for our break after 2hrs of struggle.. at last.. hmm.. mee rubus which always seems to me as plain from sec 3.. after eating it for 2 yrs i kind of got bored of it.. it was 'heavenly'.. loLs.. really.. went for CH.. fun.. though the lesson was so long.. but it was fun.. phew.. manage to cross another day.. after school we had soccer with the sec 5 boys.. hmm.. nothing much to say i guess.. i wouldnt call that even a match though.. unknowingly sprain my thigh.. argh pain.. hmm.. went home after that.. going to trevor's wedding.. bath change.. then went to meet my friends at Sembawang MRT.. together we headed to trevor's wedding.. surprize.. met those sec 5 boys again.. yup.. and a big group of 4As.. everything happen there was an eye opener to me.. never seen one indian wedding before.. the music was blasting loud though.. had a quite nice dinner there.. though not up to some of us what we were expecting.. loLs.. ultimately brian the hardcore meat eater.. loLs.. nahs just kidding.. but really it all vegetatian.. took many photos there.. went home after giving the present we bought.. long MRT route back.. didnt follow the rest to starbucks.. went home.. still got maths homework to complete. Signing off.. Nites people!

* felt something special.. everytime to notice me.. tap me.. or apporoach me.. i just have this really cosy feeling.. hindening in me.. when you talk to me.. i just feel really special.. even though it's just a short conversation.. sometimes i wonder.. why are you so special to me? *

* Congrats MrTrevor, Best Wishes *

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