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「 Saturday, May 31, 2008 」
「 screaming away 4:07 AM 」

Did i make a correct decision? /:

Music stuck in my head!
Let It Roll by Secondhand Serenade

「 Saturday, May 24, 2008 」
「 screaming away 6:49 PM 」

At last everything will slow down abit. I hope? Anyway, great job guys. We did great i guess, HA! Didn't really blog recently, cos i really don't have the time. Don't want to fail any of my subjects, or get debarred. Guess waking up at 6 really helps, up to now. Sleeping one hour less doesn't makes much of a difference, rather than being late. HA! But the whole Jam & Hop Clubbing thing sucks totally, esp the DJ. OMG! Oh yeah, the band 'trailer' was great! They rocked the stage! Everytime i hear a 'live' band, it just reminds me of my secondary school days, the fun we had jamming. Missyou guys, let's meet up soon. (:

Yeah, still got to improve more in dance. Feel that i'm totally lacking back, the more i train, the more i feel i'm deteriorated. What a feeling, Argh! Nevermind, i will just continue to work on my basics. I can do it! Oh yeah, Michael is Wise! So is Mikal, 3M! XD


Music stuck in my head!
Let The Flames Begin by Paramore

「 Sunday, May 18, 2008 」
「 screaming away 11:13 PM 」

Phew! Busy weeks, stacked with lots of homework and comittments. Which i was unable to meet up to all it's requirement. I'm breaking down! Addition to all this, my dad met an accident too. Running here and there is just wearing me out. Feels empty with so little people in the house, though i always reach home rather late. It just feels different. Waking are in the morning is a real pain in the ass. No one to wake me up for "SUPER" early classes, getting debarred soon! bored.

The day we had been waiting, the juniors in-take. But when the day came, it wasn't as great as we thought it would be. A feeling which will only be felt if you were in our shoes. The familiar space and people will once knew, suddenly a big group of strangers comes in. tada! weird. i guess this is the feeling our seniors felt too when we joined FB.

Oh yeah, WhiteTees did it again! Though both side were our good friends from FB, we were still happy for them. Haha! Go WhiteTees, Go HE-EY, Go B&J, Go SSAC!

Music stuck in my head!
Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade

「 Saturday, May 03, 2008 」
「 screaming away 3:34 AM 」

So at last, TJC performance is over too. Ok, they didn't gave us a place to put our bags. But nvm, think we did a great show. So much for the lightings, we didn't manage to get a video. Luckily that's pictures. HA! Still regret, cos it felt like my best performance ever. That feeling of enjoyment, just pure enjoyment. Ok, not much happen there. Maybe for CZ? HA! XD

Went off to Pasir Ris Park after that, to celebrate my b'late b'day! Didn't feel like my birthday though. Just wanted everyone to have fun, HA! And we did i guess. DOPE LA! Thanks Michael, Jess, Andee, Tyron, CZ, Bev, Bun, Ar-Ar, Peiling & Chirsty though she left earlier. On the Rocks! Nice. Got feel to try 'Flames of Glory' Sounds really cool! Woo~ LOL! crazy shit. CZ couldn't stop smiling while msn-ing. HAHAHA! FUN~! After the pub closed, we went to the playground. LOL! playing like never before. 'Ma-chiam' Childhood sia. HA! There's one flying fox, i practically flew 180 degrees before landing. Result of tyron's power. LOL! Lot's more, got to try it yourself. Especially the spining wheel. LOL! Fun la! Why feel like vomiting. Shoik ma! XD

Went to Jess home after that. Thanks so much to Jess & her mum, for being such a great host. 10000000 times better than coming to my house. XD i'm such a lousy host. HA! I was practically too tired to bath i guess. LOL! got to bath in the morning before a nice breakfast. (: Watch the auditions video while eating, HA! Actually nothing was funny la. I feel the night before at pasir ris was awersome. DOPE! XP Can cry laughing. LOL! Nice photos by Jess btw. I'll try to get it soon.

Thanks guys! for making my '18' a special one. Love you guys to the MAX! :D

Music stuck in my head!
One Thing by Eleven Finger

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