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「 Friday, October 15, 2004 」
「 screaming away 12:18 PM 」

Yeah!!! The day i finally been waiting is here man. Exam is over... WAHAHA... Dont why my head still so pain. CAn it be i think of her too much liao... Haiz wish i could be with her. Nevermind, wow, playing xbox now, LORD OF THE RINGS... the game i wanted to play before exams. Bought the game but cant play...(dots...)Now, play like hell. Haha, chat with her, she show me her act cute picture, so cute..Wahahaha... Now thinking of working, should i??? dunno leh!!! Although got money but no freedom...Haiz.. K me want to go play bball liao... THE END OF EXAM WARIII....

HEY! do u know which subjects SUX???...It is "ART". What the hell so hard to do the question. Harder than the sec3 one. Kao!Took hours to complete. Still never do finish, haiz. Tml last exam liao but very stress leh because dont know my art can do well anot. I always use art as a backup for my other exams. haiz, have SUPER PAIN HEADACHE...(dots...)God plz help me for the last exam.Buaiz, sleep liao...Countdown "1 more day" to the opening of the movie "freedom"...

「 Wednesday, October 13, 2004 」
「 screaming away 11:53 AM 」

Wow...feel great today, dnt exam no kick. Almost everything there in did it correct. Waiting for friday... The day of freedom, not like the justin, siao one want exams only. Although all my friends say like so easy, i feel that i'm stuggling for air(makes me want to die) lol...I wouldnt give up so easily one. i have determination...(dots...)Like real. Tml, big exam, Maths paper 2. Must do well because paper 1 do "maciyam"(like)SHIT. So Must work hard, now only morning just come back from school. K me go study liao...count down "2 more days" to the opening of movie "freedom"...Hehez..

「 Friday, October 08, 2004 」
「 screaming away 11:43 PM 」

haiz, at last already one week gone. Can rest for one day lah. The last few day never sleep well. Today i sleep the whole afternoon, just wake up...(dots...)wahahaha... Today science paper already lost a few marks liao. Wa! now very stress, scared cant go the class i want. Dont want to go art class. NH3 i go put NH4, haiz... How careless can i be. Wish can go back a few hours, to change the answer, but not possible. After exam, me benny, teck ong and alvin eat cavana. Wa lao! Cheap but little than must add rice than full, waste my money. K lah... Make tis short, me want to surf the net liao. buaiz...

「 Tuesday, October 05, 2004 」
「 screaming away 11:26 PM 」

****, Today exam start liao, sorry for the first badword(lame)...Nevermind,First time in my life chinese paper is the first paper.Lucky over liao, because chinese is my burden...More relax but still stress.Stress until i sick, throat dam pain but never lost voice...(dots...).in addition, got flu(not bird flu).Cant study properly leh. Hope the next 2 week wouldnt get worse,do well in exams. Hope to pass ALL subjects with flying colours.First day of exams,nobody go out,not like mid year,everyone go mc to study.Now study finish maths liao,want to sleep.If there's a god who can help me,bless me..buaiz.....

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