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「 Monday, April 30, 2007 」
「 screaming away 10:51 PM 」

YO! Back to blog about Saturday! So i'll start with...

Saturday! Yep, it was also my birthday. Write in first person view, so hard to change here and there. Woked up halfdead cos i slept really late yesterday, ya! Kellie never sleeps i guess. haha! Blur, just blur. Was meeting BenS at 1, but i look at the time and it was impossible. I'm not superman! Sms-ed BenS, LOLS! he just woke up. So we took our time to meet la, meet at about 2. Then went to town to have lunch, the others were still busy with their own stuffs. Cca trails and stuffs, later aiman called up and said that his match was cancelled. YAY! So he rushed down too! Lunch's on aiman, thanks ya! Went to walk around Far East while waiting for the rest. Went to find des, but didnt see her there. See until wynny instead, voice change! LOLS! So long never see her le. Slacking on the job huh? hahha! Went to find des at other store, LOLS! this company got so many stores in FEP. Heard from her how fun is NP, i wanna go there. But the travelling time is like X2 of mine now. HAHA! Don't want! Than benS wanna cut his hair, aiman was like "Should i cut? Should i cut?" Cut it dammit! JKJK! XD The rest of the gang came, so lame! hahah! 2 NYP & 2 SP, Crapping away. Muhd started saying don't talk to the nyp. LOLS! crap la! At last we convice aiman to cut his hair. OMG! he cut mohawk! Nice, no more ducktail. Say hello to rooster. LOLS! But it started to waver after awhile. LOLS! Walked to paradise centre to play pool after that. But benS ahad to go already. So sad, hah! nvm we'll go out some other time bro! Reach there so crapp-ed up, all tables full. Wanted to play 9ft. But the girls say their body not that long. LOLS! Sarah, go home strech your body. hahah! At last got a 8ft table cos that's the only table available. Still very fun! Of cos, with a group of lamers. Ferza came, yep! And we played the match NYP VS. SP. Last ball was a free-ball. and the black ball was very close to one of the holes. Aiman dared me with a $2 to hit the ball to the other side of the table and score. LOLS! I scored, amazing! hahah, additional $2. Went we were about to go, we saw until Joe, XL, WC and Cheeann. LOLS! so qiao, cos morning Joe was asking me to go out with them. They forgot my birthday! LOLS! Joe wanted to treat me steamboat sia, wasted. Cos i had to rush back home to cut cake. siandiao, crapped up! suppose to leave at 9pm and have dinner before we go home, delayed at the arcade until 10. hahahs, funny la. I was like rushing for time, sorry guys! we didn't have dinner. Especially sarah, you dam hungry right? hhaha! While walking back to PS, sarah suddenly turn into Cathay. I was thinking like "what the hell?" LOLS! She said she wanted to see what movie is available. Suddenly she dissappeared. Then we were like walking around Cathay, suddenly aiman dissappeared too. Than suddenly they appeared, asked me if i wanted to go and eat. I was like want to run le, lucky never. Or they will kill me la, LOLS! Everywhere was filled, so they suddenly started singing happy birthday song while opening the cake they bought. Surprize! hahas, so touching. (: Ate finish the cake and we went home. Started taking pictures in the MRT, LOLS! funny la, so squeeze but we are still taking photos like no one was around us. haha! Reach SMB and everyone alighted. Left me alone, LOLS! quickly rush home. Reach home at 1130, just in time. My family gathered, sing the song and cut the cake. Went back to watch Guess3 after that. XD Dam funny la. What a wonderful day! Thanks guys! (:

「 Sunday, April 29, 2007 」
「 screaming away 12:44 AM 」

I'm 17. Not really significant, cos it's not like 16/18/21 where you can do more with your age. Celebrated with my close friends, had a great time. Just hanging out with each other, Thanks ehh! everyone of you. Bens, Aiman, Ferza, Muhd, Reena, Sarah, Peiyi! Did so many lame stuffs together. (: i'll blog the details maybe tomorrow.

*many photos not yet uploaded. (In reena's, ferza's & muhd's phone)

「 Friday, April 27, 2007 」
「 screaming away 11:01 PM 」

WOO! Last day of the week! Just love it once again. Did many stuff this week after school, like trying many cca that i never tried before. Went for the VB tryouts on Wed, started raining and we can't use the indoor court because of the exams. So we waited for the rain to stop then use the outdoor court. SIAN! the ball seems heavier. Our group only got 3 know how to play, one was Jason of cos. The other 2 from other schools. Quite fun la, cos no jiaolian. All anyhow play only. LOLS! Haven't learn how to kaiqiu then learn how to spike le. hhaahs! Though fun, but funny. Cos i heard from the girls team, that the kaiqiu for the whole training. LOLS! Then i went for FB yesterday, didn't want to go for it at first. But someone convice me to go, but didnt go. Siandiao, lucky i met weijian there and esmond which i couldn't recongnise until after an hour. LOLS! Had to learn a dance routine for the audition. I ain't that pro to remember a whole dance routine in 1hour. Who's that pro? LOLS! The worst part came, Had to go in group of 5 and dance in front of everyone. *In addition of your own style. Complete joke! Not sure how it went, cos i finished like in a blink of an eye. Forgotten what all i did in there. Ended about 11pm. So late! That's all i did the last 2 days.
Went to school eariler today cause it was raining, walked in the rain cos i didn't have enough to take a bus. So pathetic! Reached school and went to class, i thought i was late. But in the 10mins grace, so i didn't care. I was 10mins early actually. Spoiled someone's plan, so sorry! LOLS! I somehow know something's happening when i saw a big board circulating round but not to me. Yeah, after class. No one exited the class, Suddenly my classmate sang a birthday song for me. GanDong ehh! Got a Doll, the one which the "goong" had. With a photo of a group of my good friends. and also a really big card design by Mabel & Weiting and wishes from my class MK0701. Thanks guys! i'll appreciated everything. Upload the photos soon yeah? Hmm, I'm turning 17, Beware! LOLS, just kidding! (:

Just an hour more! (:

「 Friday, April 20, 2007 」
「 screaming away 11:44 PM 」

Yeah! Last day of school, for the week. LOLS! been quite long since i longed for the weekends. Though poly is stressless but is so boring. Needing of a dam notebook. A printer that could work to print those notes, so troublesome. Why can't they just help us print those notes. Giving us a reason that it's to use the school computer system. I thought the system is suppose to make things easier for us? Troublesome! LOLS! School started late today, the latest time i'm going to school for the week. 10am, not that late too. Yup, went for a jamming session at ferza's house. Met my primary school friend hardy. 5hours passed so fast. Went home after that, bored. Going stop here. FULLSTOP!

it's coming soon, hope you'll remember.

「 Wednesday, April 18, 2007 」
「 screaming away 8:25 PM 」

Another day has pass, kind of bored at school. Only needed to go to school for a 2 hours lecture but it was like killing me. Tiring, just so tiring. I don't really click with my classmates, just in another world. A world different from their's. Have more fun even if i'm with my primary school friends in the same school. So much to study too, maths again! And the mean, median, mode thingy which i just can't grab it in secondary school is back. Going to have a hard time in statistic i guess. The others are ok, one of them is dam lame. Effective writing skills, oh man. Reminds me of azwiza, the way the lesson moves is the same. haha! 10 more days to my birthday, doubt most of the people remember. In my mind, i just want to hear a "Happy Birthday!" from you. Miss that voice of yours, that attitude of yours, that feeling you always gave to me. Hmm, nevermind. The notebook thing is just making me so frustrated now, guess i got to use my savings first. hais, so much for a slacking poly life. haven't decided on my CCA yet, VB? haha! Nevermind, feeling tired. Stopping here, Byes. FULLSTOP!

In everyone's mind, i'm just a slacker.

「 Friday, April 13, 2007 」
「 screaming away 9:29 PM 」

It's been really long since i last blogged. Got really tired about things happening around me for me to even do anything extra in my life. In the last month was unbelievable, i've learned to cherish things around me. Hmm, kind of sick talking about it. Oh... Just had my orientation too. One word to describe it, C-R-A-P-! Wasted of my time i guess. hais, My OGL was just horrible. Make my whole class so dead. Their planning was so wrong too, we waited like hours for the next event. Their singing hit incredible, undiscovered notes not known that a human can make them. LOLS! Horrible huh? Was just a nightmare there. Just hope that school will start smoothly unlike this orientation. Yup, miss you guys from SMB. Hope to meet up soon! I guess i will stop here, FULLSTOP! (:

'SMBVB SG no.1 ehh :D

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