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「 Sunday, July 30, 2006 」
「 screaming away 8:20 PM 」


*Abtracts Of Music

「 Saturday, July 29, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:18 PM 」

im tired, was a tiring day for me today. i was late for class, haha. lucky, it was jimmy's class, if not i'll be dead. dont like to be late for anything![though im frequently late] hahas. tedious 4hrs of lesson, with maths also. woah! almost died. by the time i came out, everything ended. camp ended, vball training ended, the school was empty. hahas. wanted to play soccer but the soccer ball ferza brought got a bloody hole. lols! at last we saw the 4As playing so we challege them, haha. thrashed them. 7-1, all the shot i took missed. suay la! or can i say sky ball. maybe my shoe is abit too big. hahas. but im not suppose to shoot actually, im a defender. lols. went to mac after that and eat. of cos. lols, so hungry. went home after that. than want to submit the skin that i made ytd. but blogskin went nuts. dots. nvm, i guess i jus have to submit tmr. later there's a nice show on chn 8. haha. go watch le. byes!

「 Friday, July 28, 2006 」
「 screaming away 10:52 PM 」

another super free day. 2 free periods again, just like yesterday. starting to hate free periods, rather go home. hahahas. boring, never played soccer today during recess and after school. cos the sec 5s M.I.A [missing in action] lost. duno where they go. hahahahs. after recess, no english! woots. hahas, the class was filled with maths! woah! influence me to do maths too. hahahas. so sian, nth to do after school. went to eat at mac, starting to hate deep fried food. hahahs. went home sleep. hehe, woke up so bored, i made a skin. nice ehh. hahas, not yet to be seen, wait for tommorrow? hahas.
something crapped out in my house, hais. dunwanna talk about it. bedless tonight, no place to sleep. hais, woots, must find a place to slp. tommorrow still got extra lessons, hais 8- 12 i think. so long. o's is nearing quick. hmm, i go slp le, must wake up early tommorrow, nites! missya darling!* xP

「 Thursday, July 27, 2006 」
「 screaming away 10:50 PM 」

nth much happen today, just another boring day with lots of free periods. hahahas. 3whole hours i think. If my maths teacher didnt come today, i can pack my bag and leave. hahahas. But suffered a tragic 4 hrs of maths, can die? 3hrs of maths was already killing, just because i forgotten to gave my maths teacher a paper one day earlier, i had to do another hour of maths. hais, nvm. hahahas crap qns. easy yet tiring to do them, worst than writing essays. hand dam suan la. after school went home, started to rain heavily and my whole room got wet, i was too slow to close the windows. super heavy i meant. like typoon, wahahahahs. super bored, i made a skin again. yep, check it out ur self. Still got a stack of revision to do. byes, missya darling!*

*A Hope To Live

「 Sunday, July 23, 2006 」
「 screaming away 10:51 PM 」

woots.did my homework until quite late ytd. haha, tired. another week which i nvr slp properly. nvm. woke up 11++ slacked ard until 1++ went for lunch, changed than went to meet jack at woodland mrt to go to bens hse to do project. haha, i made jack walk round and round before we reach there. hahahas. funny. reach there, jack play maple, argh! make me want to play. the music still ringing in my ears. hahas. crazy, slacking play until 102. haha. nvm, im a noob now. 65, suppose to be a pro last time. but i quitted. xD boring. k la, do project la. lols. and a while it's done. lols. duno go his hse for wad? haha play game? haha. yea! nahs, to eat. hahas. after that play my account. this is what happen. "benny, heal!" i said. then benny tell me "relax la!" suddenly died. what jacky do. laughlaughlaugh. dots. siandiao. went home after that. suddenly got a man came to me and jack. k he said this:
"Do you know where's the nearest police station? im a cisco police and i lost my card. i need to make a statment."
ok reasonable, but we dont know where's the nearest police station. than i tell him one at admiraty. than he say this. i was like laughing?

"i have only this(showed us 50cents on his palm) but i need to go to pasir ris, can lend me about $4?"

haha? nearest police station is at admiraty he wan to go pasir ris. even go to pasir ris also only $1.90. although we know but jack was too kind leh, gave him $1.50. lols. ultimate noob scammer trying to scam the pros? try harder. though he got pass jack. lols why in the first place we stood there to listen to his story. if i was alone, i would have walked off. unreasonable people, get a life man. get a job! a minority making singapore a worst place to live in. hehe. nvm. slping soon. school starts again tommorow, going to be a long day, till 4-5pm. phew. nites*

「 Saturday, July 22, 2006 」
「 screaming away 10:35 PM 」

really tired. sent my brother off ytd cause he's leaving singapore. by the time we came back was already nearing 2am. today still had to wake up early to go for a english lecture. At tampines!?! so far sia. met adeline,des,xinli,aiman,bens and muhd at yishun mrt b4 we headed to tampines regional library. took 969 there, was really fast. 20mins only. normal if u take mrt will take abt an hour ++ hahas, thought we were late but the course started 30mins later. lols. once again, the struggle to keep my eyes open. but it was a enriching course anyway, learned how ironic things could make a compo really funny. lols. went to century sq after the 3 hour lecture. desiree went off, so fast huh. haha nvm, we went to eat, haha. at mac? lols. didnt know it was quite long since i last eat mac. tried the chicken fan-tansic. haha, taste like claypot rice. nice! really full. didnt some trading of nuggets and dippers. want to trade? trade with adeline, will be always a good trade. hahas. dont trade with aiman. xD Adeline went off too. hmm, so fast. headed to the arcade, no money to play la. watch xinli play RF4, she's nuts. hahas, scare some people away too. lols. too 'qiang'. went home after that. changed and went to play bball, played a match. didnt noticed one ball was flying towards me. cracked my finger, siandiao! argh! so suay leh. hmm, nvm. anyway, made a new skin. was so bored, took abt 2hrs ++ to complete it. got the inspiration from a shirt i saw at PS last sunday. haha, k la. must finish my homework by today. must make it a point every week for homework to be completed on saturday. back to mugging. byes*

*Abtracts Of Life

「 Thursday, July 20, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:53 PM 」

nothing much happen today. was dam slack but a really tiring day, was also ferza's Birthday! went to school today, both physics and CH teachers didnt came. so sian, because both their lessons were quite interesting. haha, rather some other teachers not to come. but, of cause free periods are the best. hahas, do all my hw. xD after school, everyone gather at the basketball court outside our school. ohhs, match between sec4s and 5s. hahas, jokers! lols. keep changing the team they supported. all friends ma, hahas. went to cwp after that with weisong and bens. Yoshi! haha, salmon bowl again. but getting sick of the student meal. there's a new meal which i ate last sun. so nice! tempting, but so ex. studied abit after that. studied? nahs too tired actually. went home i headed staight to bed. woke up at around 9. went for dinner than had a bath. so slack, wanted to study but moodless for it. Uploaded some photos my friends send me. the photos we took ytd, nice. but some weird. Some lost hahas. aiyo, des why your MMC stuck in your card reader. haha nvm. sleeping soon. nites*

*happy 16th birthday ferza!

*Uploaded photos*

heys! who's that malay girl.


-The Slacker.

「 Wednesday, July 19, 2006 」
「 screaming away 7:27 PM 」

today was racial harmony day for our school. everyone suppose to like wear traditional clothes. hais, but nothing special. unlike last year, the whole day would be a free day. This year, normal lessons this continued. suppose to wear a malay trad. today, last minute change of plans as ferza got not enough to lend the rest of the class. than wear eurasian trad. hahas. old school style, the same. hahas. after assembly, we gather and took photos. haha, taketaketake then the maths period was used up. lols. stylo! the whole class in trad. clothes. nice eh? hahas. but the school really looked like a malay gang HQ. all wear malay trad. hahas. went home straight after school, took a train back of cos. suddenly a man shouted "i saw shit!...Shit!" and he started laughing and talking to himself. than shake his ass. WTF! i dam suay ar, always meet lunatics. alighted at woodlands, the man started dancing again. haha. i laugh like siao. than tell a girl nearby "bitch, u look like a slut!" wtf? lols. i and ben just walked into cwp. suddenly, a group of woodgrove sec girls started talking to him. weird? this grp can talk to him, mean? are they also mad? lols. we didnt care. went to mos and eat again. woo! ebi! haha. can resist the temptation of ebi! haha. so full. went home after that. hais, so much hw to do. hmm, i think i go to start now. maybe not. going dinner first. haha. xD

「 Monday, July 17, 2006 」
「 screaming away 10:24 PM 」

speed.. one winner.. 42 losers.. haha. nth, im talking crap. hehe! hmm, went to school today half-dead. everyone was going like 'SS...SS' lols. wee... happy go lucky, i reached school than started to feel the stress. something make me really happy. there's no maths today! woo.. hmm, weird first time vani nvr come. terribly sick? get well soon! hahas. nvm let me feel the stress free day for once. actually not. today was super stress. 2 free periods=2 intense SS studying periods. SS period came, woah! i was rushing like hell, in the end i still didnt finish the paper. wth! nvm. it's just a test. haha. after school there was listening compre o's levels. hais, i forgot to bring my entry proof. went to genaral office to get one. wth? this is not even a entry proof. just a paper with a signature and we must pay one buck for it. siiandiiao! reported at the classroom at 2pm waited until 230 before a teacher came. given out all the paper, than the radio say. 'the chinese listening compre will start at 3pm sharp' so we are supposed to wait an hour for an exam. what! nvm, i think it was really tricky. haha, overall it was ok. or very good! hahas. played soccer after that with the sec5s. haha. good game. played for a while only but it seems like hours. freaking hot! blunder, lols no in my right state of mind, lucky my blunder didnt cause a goal. hahas. went home after that so tired. bath and wanted to sleep. but my brother wanted to go and eat. went to eat, came back feel so hot and sticky. chat, slack. lols. i bath again. hahas! so hot! going to sleep soon. nites*

*hughug! xD

「 Sunday, July 16, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:19 PM 」

man, so tired. haha, slept at 2am ytd rushing through all the maths. got to complete it so i could go out today. but im nuts. haha, nahs my brother woke me up at 830am. i only slept 6hrs? haha, this is the first weekend i didnt not have enough sleep. haha, nvm. got to go out today anyway. haha, studied abit SS b4 i went out. met ben at 3pm and head to PS to support our school band. haha saw ferza, sarah, jocelyn and gang. haha it was burning hot outside. burning. suddenly the E2/3 people came. haha, where like ... going to ZOUK? lols. nvm, our band was the smallest there, but the sound was like overpowering the others. In my mind i thought there was no competition. It was a sure win for our band. Groovely! hahas. but the speaker was just in front of us, blasting. argh! tommorrow still got listening sia. hahas, after they perform we walked into PS. it was freaking hot. wee.. we [bens,ferza,joc,ling,nadia] were walking aimlessly. lols. walk walk walk.. woah, we also didnt see the result who won. but aiman told us they won. haha! congrats. after that, everyone went their own way, they didnt want to eat. so i and bens went for dinner on our own. dam hungry. ohh.. Yoshi, dam nice, but what i ordered today was dam ex. nvm, long time eat once. freaking nice! damdamdamdam..NICE! went home after that. so tired, my muscles dam cramp. hahas, soccer ehh? plus today's walking, argh, my leg breaking le. lols. k la. studystudystudy, tommorrow got SS test, havent study finish yet. Die! nvm, try my luck once again. Going to sleep now. hahas. nites*

「 Saturday, July 15, 2006 」
「 screaming away 9:37 PM 」

im tired, haha but i cant just continue to sleep. hahas, woke up early today cause got maths class. hais, my sleeping day GONE! boohoo. hahas nvm. woke up, no one was awake. have to make my own breakfast, yumyum! hahas, cereal with MILK! yeah, milk is good for you. hahas, than go school le. wanna take bus, suddenly tap my ez-link. no sound sia. argh! my bro forgot return it to me. siandiao! dam mafan sia. when to one of the shop change coins, kena kp by the aunt. change nia la, kp so much. nvm. take bus to school instead. took a super long route to school in 962, lucky nvr late. hahas, benny was late again! ROFL. woah! maths qns were literally drowning us. my brain almost exploded, vani say cant dom slowly do, so i really slowly do. wah! at the end everyone finish le, i chiong my last question. hahas. she stopped, hahas. 2hours, lucky me, more than that and i will die sia. Played soccer after that, woo. it was F-U-N, FUN! long time since we played on saturday, cause sualiman lesson ended. As usual, brian, jack, bens, ferza, sarah, peiyi, muhd and mich.Tried out my new shoe yea? slower but more control. hahas, miss quite alot of shots today, sian. 1/2 size more like abit too big. but still can la. hahas. maange to score one curling shot all the way to the left of the goal. hahas. chio la! dam long since my last goal, cause im a defender. how to score? hahas. went home after that, hmm, hahas saw michelle, amanda and guixin on the way out. walk until so fast. hungry ba. haha maybe not. lol, cause we walk dam slow. lols. ferza lost his ball net, hahas. everyone was tired i guess, no one stayed for lunch. hahas, went home. reach home watch tv again. slack. funny show, "COLD OUT" hahas, later still got one whole stack of homework to do. sian. hahas, so tired, went to sleep after that. woke up already 'tian hei le' i tot 7++, woah 8++ already. start doing my homework. hmm, darling not back yet. hahas! jkjk. sianzation. continue with my work ba. tommorrow maybe heading to PS to see aiman's band perform. after that maybe watching movie? maybe.

*Where are you!?! hahas!

「 Friday, July 14, 2006 」
「 screaming away 10:42 PM 」

seems to me days are getting harder and harder to pass by. the days seems so draggy, sometimes i just wish i am already in poly or sth, working maybe. nth much happened today, weisong brought a soccer ball. amazing? 2 days in a row we played soccer at reccess. fun! this time we played with the sec 5s. we won! good game. after school played for a while, cause aiman and ferza need to go for prayers. left me and bens, start taking free kick in the field. So hard to keep the ball in the correct direction in the field. just seems to keep curling away. after that, do maths than went to cwp MOS, haha. nice! though invaded by some aliens. hahas! just joking. So bored. Tommorrow still got extra maths class, hais. so sian. nvm. wored out. Nites*

*sleep early ba. MISSYA! =D

「 Thursday, July 13, 2006 」
「 screaming away 10:17 PM 」

it's you, nahs just me. lols hmm, today was tiring. no difference if i sleep early or late, i was still super tired, woke up by my alarm today. i off it and when back to slp. by the time i woke up i was super late. ate my breakfast then chao. ran all the way to the bus-stop, lucky a bus stop for me. if not i'll be late. maths lesson came, i didnt understand a single thing. i was like howcome all my answer i do all wrong. nvm. later brian explain everything again, i understand. yea! thanks brian! physics test! woah, i didnt even studied it again. lols i didnt know there was a test even. nvm hahas. the test so fun, do on pda. after test still can play game. hahas. manage to still pass the test. hahas. of cause genius ma. lols just joking. hahas. the rest of the day was draggy and slow. after school, sat down at the table outside ava do hw. headed out of school after that. surprize to see E2 playing soccer. hahas. i, ferza, benny and jack just join one of the team. hahas. thrashing game. thrash the other team. hahas. it was fun, long time since i get this amount of fun. went to mac after that to cool down. then homeward bound. nahs, went to cut my hair first. hahas. shock some people, say i cut botak. lols fake de lar. i cut the norm. enough of botak. from young i botak until primary 4/5 so jilat. will i still wan to cut botak. NO! hahas. k lar nothing else. gtg. nites*

「 Wednesday, July 12, 2006 」
「 screaming away 8:28 PM 」

just another boring day, super tiring one too. woke up early in the morning, argh. dam tried. reached school feeling crappy, then vani call me come, "cut your hair by friday" i was dam du lan. cause she said she will only check once a month and now she asking me to cut at the second week. argh! nvm. everything was as usual. Chemistry Practical was abit dumb, because most of us were like suffering from a flu, cant smell anything. hahas. almost impossible to complete the practical, still complete it anyway. hahas, after school went to KFC with ben and melf and studied there. done all, i mean all my homework given today, i dam free. but suppose to sleep at 8, now it's abt 830. i guess i will slp at 9 sharp. refreshed for tommorrow. going to slp soon. nites*

「 Tuesday, July 11, 2006 」
「 screaming away 10:59 PM 」

headache, splinting my head. hais. suay man. went to school today, yay! happy. It's PE today, yea initially. It was kind of normal. Played with the sec 1, unfair? Not our prob, they wanna play with us. After waiting for a long time before they started, we kick off, boom! goal! hahas 4 secs switchh team. Later, aiman took a shot whack until my face. Stunned, the ball just came too fast. hais, my spec cut my face, wasnt pain but was bleeding like crap. went to wash it all off. had a splinting headache the whole day, just felt so restless. my whole of my right side was like not working, although the cut was on the left. At last i couldnt take it in english class, i gave my work to muhd and i slept. the pain was killing me. At last school ended, still had physics supplementary. was dying in there. lols, lame jokes. went mac after that. yep, been years since i went there. Fillet again, ok ba. just feel it's no satififying enough. went i started doing all my homework, deciding to sleep at 10. ok, i think im an hour late. hahas nvm. tired, i really need a good night rest. nites*

「 Monday, July 10, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:36 PM 」

counted 3 time posting here today, dead tired. first time felt the feeling of able to control your mind over your body. Both doing different things at the same time. argh! because of that i took longer to complete my maths, much longer. i thinking 2, i write 10. hahas. really tired i guess. The whole day was really draggy, everyone was awaiting the arrival of the last bell. I even kind of forgotten what happen in school today. After school, went to KFC to eat with ben, the rest didnt come school. so quiet? sure it's more quiet. Long time since i last ate KFC. I was this ok, cant challenge MOS. Dragged my feet back home, boom. i slept until 830! argh, wanted to wake up at 730 but was just too tired i guess. didnt hear the alarm ring. bored. went for dinner came back and did my maths hw, until someone reminded me of chemistry hw. hais, my book lost. But still manage to find it at last. hahas, done it. k, im dead tired for today. take care guys. niteS*

still cant believe that france lost to italy in the finals just now. ok, both side played quite a boring defensive game. kind of made me want to sleep even more. henry got a chop on his head, looked like his dying. then a penatly by zindane which almost killed me, hahas. i thought it did not went in. But it did. Moments later, italy equalise with a power header. so sad rite? blah blah blah.. so long winded sia, this match. second half was at least better, both side started attacking abit more but still boring. Many scoring chances, none went in. It went into extra time, i got so bored i started playing my psp insstead, making the prefect team. suddenly zindane headbutt the italy defender and got send off. so sad for him, his last appearance but make such a tradgey exit. Went on to penaties and france miss by one and lost. hais, the mafias win? crap? sian. nvm, the defence crew of italy deserved to win. A world class defending team. So in the end italy in the winner for 2006 fifa world cup. so contridicting. going to school now. hais. tired*

*Italy VS France - [1-1]

feeling so restless today, just didnt felt like waking up. woke up, went to the sofa, boom! sat there for afew hours. hahas. Added lots of links today, added something to it too. too bored, do dumb stuffs. hahas. Made a skin for my bro, kind of similar to mine. actually 80% the same, just naming it 'Mystical Illusion [Aftermath]' hahas. A more impactful skin. Played a lame game that benny send me, it was really lame. Whack a guy and make him fly as far as possible, lame? my record was 3099.93m woah! super far. hahas. It stopped because of a milky girl, argh why must he hug her, crap. If not i think i would break a super record. hahas. Went down for lunch in the late afternoon, 3-4++. yup. same old noodles, hais getting bored of it. no choice i guess, just got to eat it down. started my homework but keep getting distracted.

Night came really fast and i still didnt complete my homework. so easy but take so long, hahas. nvm. didnt need to send my bro back to camp this week, cause he was taking taxi there with his friends. Ran to the busstop with him and his things, said goodbye. Dearly bro, take care. hahas. after that went for dinner with my father and younger bro. Yummy! the fries rice was really nice. but still didnt reach the standard of v'omg' hahas. hmm. Cutting down on my milk tea[teh]. heard from my brother last time that tea can drain your body calcium, i didnt really believe. Starting to believe, got a kind of light tackle from benS and my leg almost break. Better take precaution than get injuried. As the saying goes "prevention is better than cure" make sense. haha. just done finish my homework, better catch some sleep before tonight's worldcup finals. Go France! nites*

「 Sunday, July 09, 2006 」
「 screaming away 1:06 AM 」

bored, but what can i do. study? yep. woke up late, haha. keep thinking about the skin i made for ben. i just feel it's so nice. so i made one for my self. lols. cool. no more acient old brown. angel like blue is cool. fast, took 2 hrs to make one. went for lunch. read some books yea? then headed to the airport to fetch my father back. hehe. went to woodlands interchange, saw until nigel. weird? howcome he there. nvm. took a super long ride to the airport. saw until amanda and guixin at the northpoint busstop. hahas, blur? i was like looking straight down from the bus. hahas. funny eh? went there, waited for quite long ba. than took a maxi taxi back, headed to eat "zucao" nice! full, like wanna voimit. phew, try to keep it in there. nothing much. gonna slp soon. nites*

*new layout

「 Saturday, July 08, 2006 」
「 screaming away 1:33 AM 」

what a fun day. everything went quite smoothly, boring too. starting of the day, the guys had to seat at the back instead of the usual front. haha, had a different feel. no difference to me anyway. sitting about the same place like the norm, cos im seating at the centre. draggy maths test, having a back pain. cant concentrate, seems like i did 3 question wrongly. hais. after that the whole day was slack. school was release at 12, how good is that, cause the teachers had to go some excite thing. woo! but no where to go, went to cwp with ben. Everywhere was fully occupied. KFC, MAC, MOS, PIZZAHUT, BK even the crappy food court was full house. went hunting, bwahahahs. great hunt with some lamers playing hide and seek there. lols! at last went MOS to eat, found a space there. Yea! my fav. Ebi burger. nice! went home after that. boring huh. reach home my bro ask me to follow him back to cwp, buy soccer shoes. find for super long. total nike shirt only had one size 9.5-10.5, one design, blue. nvm. at last brought a blue adidas soccer shoe. nice! chio lar! noticed almost all adidas soccer shoe have the same designs. lols. after three hours we went home. Made for ben a blogskin that i own him. lols. no time for anymore. lols. by the time 9++ i got tired and was lazy to go down. sian. hahas. Chatting with michelle now. eh, michelle go sleep. lols. also with chatting with ben and mel, talk alot of crap. hahas. it's going to be 2am. everyone should slp. nites*

*new soccer shoes. yay!
*new skin[made for benS]

「 Thursday, July 06, 2006 」
「 screaming away 5:19 PM 」

havent been blogging the last few days. again another buzy week, getting more and more buzy as days go by. Really tired today, though i didnt watch the today's morning match, i slept at 2. Doing some crappy work. Revise my maths, done my homework. Before i slept i knew i forgotten something. I did not study my physics, dam. May fail this time again. Today was a really hectic day, the maths hw, i did it wrongly and got to redo the last few qns. rushing though the whole day, didnt even had a good recess. Lucky jack and bens help me bought something to eat, not forgetting melf helping me carry it to the table. thanks. Hunger almost killed me, but i cant afford to get killed by vani. lols. dangerous. Manage to complete it after some struggles of what i was suppose to do. my method will work but just that vani only wants her method. crap. CH class was once again fun, got chocos from mr trevor, kind of a fight between sweets again. lols. Kiddy feeling? lols last period of the day was the best. MT, no more mt so equals to free period. how great. lols. went home straight after school, now than i noticed i still have not taken my lunch. nvm, taking dinner soon. tired, going sleep.hahas. nites.

「 Sunday, July 02, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:30 PM 」

It's sunday already. woke up really late today, cos i slept at 8.30 in the morning. could not sleep after that 2 disappointing matches. Edited my site, some new functions added. :) woke up at about 3pm, blur. hahas, not sure what to do. At last, did most of my homework. I lost my graphbook argh! thinking how to do my emaths now. Still have much to study, chemistry exam. hais, information piling on me head. hahas. Went for a really late dinner, actually quite normal. lols. 11++ most of the coffeeshop close already. Walked quite far, eat ipoh hor fun. yum! although fake one. hahas. must continue studying or maybe sleeping. lols. nites*

what a dissapointment, all 3 teams i supported are out of the world cup. Agentina,England and Brazil? really shocked they lost to France once again. nvm. woke up late today, didnt had the mood to do anything, watched tv. Made a new design for my blog, got bored of the old one. hahas. really nice. 'Equivalent-Exchange' haha. after making about 12++ headed to wanted to watch the brazil match, went there. there was still the england Vs portugal match. We went at the wrong time. Nice match, too bad england lost. dam the ref, went back at 4++ to watch the second half of Brazil VS France. sit down properly, suddenly goal! wtf? henry scored. dots. history repeated, brazil lost again. hais. just came home, tired. Sleeping soon i guess. Nites*

*England VS Portugal - [0-0]
*Brazil VS France - [0-1]

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