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「 Saturday, February 24, 2007 」
「 screaming away 11:34 PM 」

The day was so packed up today, woke up kind of late. Really bored at home. It's the holidays for the poly students now, so my bro is as bored as me. haha! Play pool, yup. Found a new place at the woodlands causeway. Actually it ain't new, just that maybe i didn't notice it. hahas, Ate there than played. Getting better now, played a fast one cause i forgot i was meeting my eldest brother for something else. LOLS! lucky the bus came quick. Met my bro than he told me we are going Clarke Quay to meet the other designer to discuss the template for the web. Got scammed, So freaking far la. Went to Starbucks to have our first official meeting. LOLS! Funny thing i met my primary school friends there. Hardi! Working sia, so hardworking. LOLS! Yep, manage to finalise the idea of the template than need to rush of again. So siandiao la, my relatives coming to my house. And my father want us to rush back Yay! taxi. Don't mind, cause my father paying. haha! Reach home than eat good food. Nice! hmm, most of my relatives went home already. Now peace and quiet. Yup, gonna end here. FULLSTOP!

Did i made it all wrong? :(

「 Friday, February 23, 2007 」
「 screaming away 12:22 AM 」

BORING! getting really bored at home. My mind just so empty that i just started to daydream the whole day. Starting to thinking too much, really starting to kill me. Having nightmares, argh! Hmm, yea! was too free, so i browse round friendster. It's LGM A.K.A Adrian Birthday. Just made a Blogskin for him, kind of anyhow. Caused i remembered i had to go for soccer. After i made it, changed and rush for soccer. The worst part of it comes after, it started to rain; heavily. Hais, had to wait. So i and my bro ate our lunch slowly since we were stuck at the the coffeeshop. Met everyone at SMB hardcourt. Wanted to have a match between my group VS. my bro's group. But i think it corked up. A few of my friends were working and ferza was sick, get well soon bro. So end up no players. Mixed and play. It's been a while since i last ran or played anything. Bones aching all over now. weak, sian la. Played till about 8++ went to mac and eat. After that, home sweet home. Yup, i guess that's all. Zaijian! FULLSTOP.

Saw the other side of you in my dream. =\

「 Wednesday, February 21, 2007 」
「 screaming away 10:34 PM 」

The busiest days of CNY has ended, WOOHOO! Didn't have really the mood to celebrate it. 3 years ago it seems so different. I will always be looking forward for CNY. Now? so moodless. Must visit my relative's house, sian. Totally restless, didn't collect much 'angpao' too. Must keep on 'pai nian', pia seh sia. Especially at my relative's house, like in the limelight A.K.A centre of attraction. Haven't been celebrating for the last 3 years so i kind of forgotten everything, like what to say. Started saying in english instead. hahahh! what a joke. The use of chinese is totally useless for me now. Today, my aunty/uncle from my mum's side came to my house for dinner. Yup, the whole place is in a real mess now. The food was awesome! ate 4 bowls of rice, if my mum cook everyday. I think i would really be fat. hahhah! hmm, nothing much happen. That's all. FULLSTOP.

shutting myself away.

「 Friday, February 16, 2007 」
「 screaming away 1:19 PM 」

Why does it feel so hard talking to you, everything have change so much.
What happen between us? Seems like we are drifting apart.
I tried to act like nothing had happen. But i just can't.
How i wish everything can go back to how it was.


Anyway, to all the VB girls. CONGRATS!
yup, that's all. FULLSTOP!

「 Monday, February 12, 2007 」
「 screaming away 1:06 PM 」

BACK! haven't been blogging for quite sometime. Nowadays it seems like there's nothing to blog about. Typical boring life, hahas. Anyway, i got my results already. Yep, kind of disappointed about my english. But, nevermind. Life goes on of cos, hope i can get into the course i want. Felt kind of stress when i got it. ARGH! felt like whacking myself. hahaha! need to destress huh? Did many things the last few days, to shorthen it. bought manymany things. haha! newyear right? XD Haven't buy my newyear clothes, OMG! If i wear black again, my father is really going to kill me. hahah! dont know why adults are so supertious. Hmm, yup really nothing much happen.

Gonna stop here. FULLSTOP! (:

「 Thursday, February 08, 2007 」
「 screaming away 10:51 PM 」

It's the 8th already, one more day to results day! argh! cool down. hahah! Slacked the whole morning after that we wanted to play soccer at school. It's been really long since we played together. When we reached school the security didnt let us in, some important meeting going on in the school. siandiao. nevermind, so we played at the juletong court. It was ok, kind of having a bad headache actually. It was also burning hot. Getting too hot and tiring, so we left. Went KFC to slack and chat. After that we went home around 7++. Reached home than watch the dance floor, sian la. hahahh! Than that lame chinese show, funny! Now still watching american idol while blogging this. woah! multitasking. XD Yup, sleeping soon i guess. Hope for the best tommorrow of cos. All the best to everyone taking their "O" Levels too. Nights!

「 Monday, February 05, 2007 」
「 screaming away 1:50 AM 」

I feel so slack! having all the time in the world is so great. Yup, slacking day again as usual. Feels like a normal day although it's sunday. Remember my secondary 4 days where i need to rush through my homework and revise my subjects. Even sleeping was a luxury, that's how it became one of my favourite past time. XD "Shuang dao!" hahahs, woke up at 2pm today. So late, no one call me up. I didn't felt like waking up too. Couldn't use the com, cause my brother needed to practise his excel. Got exam. Sianzation! Seems like i was online the whole time but im not. Around 4++ receive a call from bens, He asked me if i wanted to go to project superstar cause JY got alot of extra tickets. hais, didnt go cause i promised my father to go with him to m'sia. siandiao totally. Went to m'sia to see the house that my father wanted to buy, i serious dont like malaysia. XD Moreover, we have already one, only that is alittle smaller and further in. And we dont even go there and stay for like the past 5-6years. I just think it's not worth it. Nevermind, just go seesee. Came out went to one of the big "pasarmalam" not like the ones in SG. It's really foodstores all over with tables for you to eat. Order alot, hahah! nice. The good thing also got 2 TV, one on project superstar, the other on the match between SG VS. Thailand. Watch both, LOLS! Yay! SG WON! the guy won too, not suprizingly. By the time i've reached home already 11++ wanted to use the com. Then my brother tell me that he wanted to check his exam time for tommorrow, bluff me. Say he need to use he's excel again. ARGH! Went to watch the TV instead. Was a little peeved though. Waited for him to go sleep, yup. Now blogging this in. That's all folks, Goodnight!

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