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「 Wednesday, November 29, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:59 PM 」

Woohoo! im off tommorrow. hahas. HR corkup abit, so the promotion ended today instead of yesterday. In the end, i no need to work. hahas, going out tommorrow with my friends. Wow! just found out my commission for the last few days is going to split by 3 people instead of 4. Shiok! hahas, more pay. Wanna work my partner space for tommorrow sia, get full commission 4%. sian, nvm rather take my day off. I deserve a good rest, hahahs. Havent get my timetable for nxt month, hope i go to a place like Isetan Scotts, everyone so friendly. Living in harmony. Not like some other places, Fight! hahas. Hope so. So bored, nothing else to do. I go sleep, Nights!

why do i still think of you?

「 Sunday, November 26, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:33 PM 」

Just back from work. tiring, but not bad. at least i know that i am not wasting time at home. Was really busy the last few days, almost died. Can say that, cause i was at chalet when i was called to go to work. like WTH? rush here, there. Been working for the last 4 days. Things calm down quite abit now, at least i dont need to rush from pasir ris to orchard and back. Didnt had fun at the chalet, kind of sad. Hais, but at least get to spend time with my friends at night during the chalet. Hmm, today sale was not bad. The best since i started working. Hope to sell more of cause. I guess tommorrow will be a monday blues day, no sales. Hope to get at least a few. HOPING! hahahhas. Yeah! working morning shift tommorrow, means i can come back earlier. Can rest the whole evening and night. Best! Better sleep soon, must wake up early tommorrow. hahahhas, Nights!

「 Sunday, November 19, 2006 」
「 screaming away 1:02 AM 」

Kind of bored now, living aimlessly. Let me see, 1am. hahas, really too bored. Today, i followed my malay friends for hari raya visiting. Yep, me, aiman, ferza, muhd, sarah, peiyi, aishini and farahin. Fun! Meet everyone at 130, than went to farahin's house first. Ate abit of the tibits, lot of m&ms. LOLS! kind of too much. Was really hungry, than peiyi suggest to head straight to Muhd's house. Cause got lots of food! lols, I thought the food maybe just enough for us. went there, the food was like a buffet. Really nice and full of cos. His mum can open restuarant already. hahas, After that we continue our journey to aiman's house. Nuggets again! LOLS. nevermind, still nice. hahahs, played with aiman's baby cousin. Funny kid. After awhile, we left. Went on to visit mdm sunita, quite far. Went there, we just sat down and talk. Left and headed to the last house, Ferza's house. Halfway, sarah and aishini left. Left only the few of us. As usual, Jam there! music. lols, than muhd and peiyi audition all the way. LOLS! so fun? not sure. Ate nuggets again. LOLS! why every house got nuggets. hahahas. Played for 3 hrs there, everyone left at 1030.

Not sure why i had this gut feeling that i will see you.
Took a different path than i usually walk, i didnt cross the traffic to the other side of the road.
Really saw you, dao me. hais, siandiao. nevermind, headed home straight.

Went home saw Guess3, funny! lols. JerryC came onto the show, damn pro! bth. LOLS! yep, i guess that's all that happen today. nites.

「 Friday, November 17, 2006 」
「 screaming away 8:48 PM 」

My O's levels are over, yeah! life so meaningless now. Don't know what to do now, just so bored. Took my last paper, history today. Study so much, but it was useless. The questions we spot didn't came out. Shocked everyone. hahas, i write crap sia. Anyhow whack, just hope i hit some points. hahas, I think getting A1 is impossible now. Unless miracle. Hope! LOLS. Lucky it's all over, another day of this, i may just be dead. hahas! Moodless to continue typing, byes.


「 Thursday, November 09, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:29 AM 」

Another exam down, afew more to go.
Dreams came out as one of the question for english today. Dreaming of you? not so sure now. Not sure i even hit the topic. I think it was quite easy. The whole english paper, hope i dont go out of point. B3 here i come. Hoping! hahas. Really moodless to carry on typing. So byes for now.

「 Monday, November 06, 2006 」
「 screaming away 9:44 PM 」

Im back, after many many days. hahas! Didnt blog for quite sometime, too busy. Now in the mids of the O levels. Seems so major, but the "O" actually means ordinary. LOLS! Yep, a week ago i completed my chemistry practical, though i didnt blog it here, i think my whole class did rather well. *We had done more than 70 chemistry practicals for the last 2 years. hahas, yep! hardwork always come with results. Today, I took Emaths paper one first. So tense, suddenly got stomachache. It's just excited, i was alright. Did it very smoothly, suddenly Yejia came in. OMG! late for 20mins. wahahhahs! Lucky for him it was a easy paper, Should be able to do it in 1hr 30mins. Yep! an easy paper. Had a 4hour break before the next paper. LOLS! superLONG! Had so much time that i studied another chapter to be save. Went to SP mac to study, seems more to me like watching the tv. hahas! Went back to school 1hour before the exam. Drink REDBULL! Give you wings, can fly back school. hahahs! Seems like it made ferza sick, lucky i never drink too much of it. hahahs. Was dam scared when i enter the examination hall. Scared if never come out the topic we spot then KO! Was kind of relieved went adeline went dancing in front of me. "Got NORTHERN IRELAND!" hahahas! cool! Source-Base wasnt easy though. Ireland too, lucky Merger & Separation came out too. Happy! was so easy! With sulaiman's weighting prefect! hahahs. Although i didnt managed to write the last word "Malaysia" cause the examiner snatch my paper away. Nevermind, i think my answer was quite clear even without it. Woah! we spot the spot. Okays! thats all for today, back to my studies now. Mugging.

*Spotted 2 out of 3. aren't we just too pro? XD

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