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「 Thursday, October 26, 2006 」
「 screaming away 12:09 PM 」

today is terrible day for me. Woke up kinda of late, feeling the pressure of the o level exam. Went to school putting on a facade. Although it's just physics practical, but it is still o level! went there at 845 although we must report at 915, Really afraid to get bar from the exam. Thinking i would be the first few there. Reach there, almost everyone was there waiting already. Kiasi! Typical Singaporeans! LOLS! XD hahas. Waited quite long before we went to start the practical. At 10 sharp, the exam started. What happened in there shocked us, 45mins each experiment. Switch over after that. What? We didnt know about that. nevermind, would really affects us too! The first experiement i did was easy, ok done! switch over. I look at the question and go blank. Nevermind, slowly do. Just follow the steps and i will be right. They say look straight down at the centre of the lens u will see a image. I dont see anything. Nevermind, I know the lens focal length comfrim 15cm, so i put 14.9cm. hahahs! dont care, no choice. Didnt have time to do the last question, argh! that question was so time using. Never done before such a question. hais. nevermind, hope to do better in the other papers. Yup, chemistry practical coming up next week. Hoping it would be easier. Byes!

Takecare of yourself ehh..
Thanks for cheering me up! (=

「 Friday, October 20, 2006 」
「 screaming away 8:19 PM 」

went to school today, early as usual but kind of reluctant to wake up. Woke up rush to school, lucky to be early cause the mrt stuck halfway for 10 mins. hahahs, the english class was totally boring. Had to do a paper again. after english class, went to play soccer but had no mood to play. Only played for awhile cause CH class change timing, from 1130 to 1030. Slacking lesson, nice! hahas. After CH, went to eat lunch at school. Save some money, outside eat not full de. Went Cwp to watch movie with bens after that. DeathNote! BGR everywhere, wahahahs xD The movie was dam nice, only that the bloody person in front of me so tall! argh, must sit up so straight to watch sia. nvm, i rate the movie 5 stars, must watch! =) After the movie went home. Quite a fun day, argh! 3 more weeks to O levels, can you feel the heat? xD


「 Wednesday, October 18, 2006 」
「 screaming away 9:51 PM 」

heyo! im back, hahas. havent been blogging for awhile, just feeling stress under that cheerful facade of mine. Even worst when teachers not only not encourage you but demoralise you. Nevermind, dont really care anyway, just wanna do well. Went to school today, yea! officially it's the guaduating classes last day. Guaduated! woots! hahas, though practically we still need to come back until nov3. LOLS! got a bronze award for my cca, though i think bronze still go on stage to take for what? but come to think of it, not bad ehh. At least i achieved something in my cca. hahas! what a joke! lols. Still quite disturb everytime i look at my cca points. Supposed to get A2 but i got a B4, cause they said that i did not come but i did. This year i didnt came because of my chemistry practicals and poly visits, unfair? nevermind, not going JC also, so not use. hahas. After the graduation day thing, we receive back our class photos, argh! my eyes close! hahs, i'll be known as the blind guy forever xD hahas. Fun ehh! asking all my classmates to sign on it, hope that 10 years later we can meet up someday. hahas, mdm vani also treated the whole class pizza! thanks! took many photos some crazy poses, like over o levels already. hahas! yea, been a long time since we had so much fun, sec4 life is just like a zombie life. lifeless. headed home after that. yea? Everyone, do our best! We can all make it!

just so much ehh!

「 Tuesday, October 10, 2006 」
「 screaming away 4:43 PM 」

Seems like the haze is back again, hate it! making my nose so ... hais, nevermind there aint anything we could do. Woke up today kind of late, not sure why my whole family did not wake up. hahas, i woke up than look at the clock *shock* 640 already. Wa! woke everyone up in the house including my second brother who didnt have to wake up xD hahas. Prepared my things then chiong to school le. Never eat breakfast, super hungry! After assembly was MT ehh. Free period as usual, so hungry how to study, so i and weisong went to eat. The uncle believe us that sec4 come school just come school for remedial, so he sell us the noodles. but actually we never really scam him, It really feels like we are going school for nothing, anyway it was a free period. hahas. After school we had the mock paper for chemistry, wasnt even thinking of studying chemistry the whole time before the exam, cause i lend my calculator to someone, than she never return me. argh! At last i almost went in the exam hall without a calculator. Maybe also not her fault, miscommunication? maybe, hahas. Was very lucky that Jason help me lend a calculator from a lower sec. Thanks ehh, both Jason and that guy who lend. dont know who also. LOLS! hais, didnt have the time to complete the whole paper anyway, i didnt see the time than no time to complete the whole paper. almost the whole of section B never touch, 30marks gone~! *fly away* nevermind, this is just a mock paper which i made a mockery out of it. O Levels it wouldnt happen! Yea! must continue studying again, Tommorrow going to have 3 more papers, restday for sec 1,2 and 3. Sec4,5 Jiayou! hahas, must be optimistic. It really feels like im about to breakdown. hope not, byes *smiles*


「 Friday, October 06, 2006 」
「 screaming away 5:31 PM 」

At last! it's friday. It was a really draggy week, why? i dont know. hahas. maybe i do, but. xD hmm, planned not to go to school today, cause i felt really sick yesterday and i didnt have a really good rest(dreaming, weird but nice dreams), but at last i still went. Dead tired. Quite slack, chemistry and physics lesson was held in the AVA room, best! good RIGHT? of cos, aircon ehh. maths was ok, quite fun actually. have the mood to do maths today, hahas. After school, went to eat mac. As usual, but the fries was a killer. Like soak in salt, LOLS! nvm, hahas. At least can make me full. Went home after that saw a show "KANG YON" on jaychou and alanluo. Dropdead funny! hahas, watch it for quite long. hmm, yup! also found some video that was so ROCK! "Zhong Ji Yi Ban" originally by TANK, rock version by Wang Dong Chen from Fahrenheit. So i think i will just share it here. Enjoy! =)

Finally ehh! but cant really chat , nvm ehh..
takecare of yourself there..

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