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「 Wednesday, January 31, 2007 」
「 screaming away 12:21 AM 」

Yup, I'm back! Didn't blog for a period of time as i was really busy. YEAH! now i have all the time in the world to do anything i want. At last! Cause it's my last day working today. XD Kind of tired today, sleep quite late yesterday. I think close to 5am in the morning. hahas! couldn't sleep. Really tired and my mind just keep telling me to sleep although it's coming to 12noon already. Suddenly, my bro kick me up la! hahah! Asked me to play pool with him. Let me see, this is the 4th time in a row. Been playing for the last 4 days, except sunday though cause I'm working the whole day. Played and ate the awesome eggtart. Oiishi! =) the best eggtart in SG i think. The egg so soft i bite it spilled on my pants. -.- dam siandiao la. It was lucky that it could be wash off easily, cause i had to go to work in that uniform later. time pass really fast, 3 hrs was up and we both rush. I need to go to work, my brother also need to go for his riding lesson. Chiong ar! Phew, i reach there just in time. Sat there as usual, ghost town. LOLS! totally no one la. At least i still got sales, pro ba? XD seems like many people are leaving seiyu too, tommorrow afew leaving. Next month also got. XD good luck to the employers. hahahH! Went home after that, saw sarah. Hide here, there. LOLS! you are so blind. Get a pair of glasses, it will help. hahahah! Yep, all the best to everyone i know at seiyu. Had a great 2 month stay there. Takecare guys! Cya.


「 Friday, January 12, 2007 」
「 screaming away 11:06 PM 」

One crapped-up day,
Feeling so cold at work.
Freezing, not feeling well and still working.
Rain, no customers, no sales.
Scold the security guard in a sacastic matter, bet she hates me now. XD
Help my pregnant senior went i was suppose to meet my friends, so was dam late.
Followed my friends back to school for CCA day, but it rain.
When i thought it ended, it DIDNT!
While msging at home, something shocked me.
I jumped onto a puddle of water, and fell!
Sprain my leg, one crapped-up day huh?
Still working tommorow, can i make it? XD

But one thing made everything better, that's the sight of YOU!

「 Wednesday, January 10, 2007 」
「 screaming away 9:11 PM 」

WOOT! It's the 10th of January already. Settled down already people? hahas! BORING! yeah, one word. "BORING" Went to work today again for 4 hours, argh! cannot take it anymore. So many 4 hours. Yesterday was ok, but i worked full shift which was dam tiring. Just want a 7 hours shift. However, it was chaos at my working place. Fun huh? hahas, met a few new friends there. With no supervisor and seniors around. Everyone was like walking everywhere, no control. hahahs! hmm, ok back track one more day. I cut my hair! woots, my head is feeling lighter. XD ok, i exaggerating. Cool ehh, hair and bought a clay. Yup, burned a really big hole in my wallet. WOO! bankrupt. LOLS! trying my best to save for the next day's meals before i get my pay. Argh! Pathetic. Ya? so today after work i follow my cousin buy bike. Woah, cool! cheap in a way. Expensive in another way. hahah! comparing it to a car la. Should i get a bike instead? XD ROOM! wahahah! car so expensive. Saving, *cling* one buck drop into my piggy bank. ahahha! kidding, not that slow of cos. After my cousin bought already then we went to fetch my brother. Suppose to to reach there at 6. Yep, waited till 8. wth? i was dam tired already. Fell asleep while waiting. then listen to the radio, hear that daniel ong and MR.young talk crap. "What if the deafs are listening? You'll hurt their feelings" WTH? deafs cant hear. BASKET. hahaha! dam funny, great one there. k, just reach home. Feeling dam tired, but i dont feel like sleeping so soon. Hmm, working full shift tommorrow again. SIAN LA! nvm, the pay dam high, dam shiok! XD resigning soon though. hahas! OK, that's all folks. Cya! :)

「 Friday, January 05, 2007 」
「 screaming away 1:41 AM 」

YO! LOLS! cannot must turn down abit. hello! xP that's so lame. Hais, one boring day for me. Woke up at 2++ and found myself living aimlessly. I than remember that i'm still working at 6. At the thought of that, I felt meaningless to work for only 4 hours. Waste of my time, cannot even cover up my meals. Feel like quiting, i'm just a part-timer anyway. "I QUIT!" LOLS! not going to waste my time anymore, chey! say only. xD Try la, find another job soon. Yup, got ready and when i was about to go to work. I search my bag, my headphones missing. DAM! i literally flip the house to search for it. But to no avail. LOLS! chim ar? xD Nevermind, miserable road to work. Musicless, it was a real torture. Reach there, i was kind of late. But couldnt find my punchcard. xD Dont care la, Later than write. 0 sales, haha! expected. It's the first time i didnt care about a single thing. No mood to work. Just sat there and waited for the time to pass. In hunger too! didnt eat my lunch and dinner. Only had 3 pathetic carrotcake to support me. haha! after 3 long hours, i went home. Msg..msg..msg.. suddenly cut, aww! no battery. totally SIANDIAO! bought my dinner and went home straight. O! my brother's birthday and they havent cut cake. xD Sing song, cut! EAT! hungry! LOLS! I eat my dinner still can eat the cake. YUMMY! dam hungry la. Sleeping soon le, Tired. Nights! :D

「 Tuesday, January 02, 2007 」
「 screaming away 10:04 PM 」

Was off yesterday. Yup! the first day of the year. But had to submit my paperwork if not no pay. my brother who wanted to follow me went to sleep! LOLS, darling pei wo ehh. Thanks! really appreciate it. Reach there had to redo my paperwork. So crap! Dododo. LOLS! dont know what the FULLtimer telling me. I hack care, hahahha! by the time 9++ le, so late huh? yeap, went to catch "deathnote2". Left 925 and 1010 the shows. 925 ones only left the front once, then we dont want neck pains after the movie. LOLS! so watch the 1010 de. So long, must wait an hour plus. "Go play pool?", "Dont want!" LOLS! reply so fast. So thirsty, so we went round finding for drinks. But all the shops were closing, so early! Not sure why. haha! SO thirsty, Finding. Follow darls ehh, dont know where she walking. LOLS! At last bought some drinks at 7-11. not cold de, the cold ones mostly soft drinks. not nice, but still edible. haha! Walkwalk ehh, got some people acting as "MU REN". "you wanna be them?" XD headed back to cineleisure, bought POPCORNS, CHIPS and 2 drinks. Amazingly we nvr touch the 2 drinks. hahas! than went in and watch. NICE! but this movie not that funny as the 1st one. But more exciting! Thrilling! "L" dam funny also! haha! The movie was so long, didnt know. By the time we came out, 1230. Waited for the nightrider for really long. Took the nightrider back, but it was faster than the day before. So tired, Slept in the bus. The bus end at kathib, further ehh. Nvm, took a taxi back from there. Send her back first, Didnt know she drop a $10 beside me. LOLS! The uncle win le lor. took $20++ hahas, nvm. Reach home 2++ le. Bath le than sleep ehh. Tired. Nothing much happen today. Woke up late. Just happen to be slack at home the whole day. ARGH! my brother damn noise! k that's all! Zaijian! =)

Felt really special when i'm with you.
Really cherish every minute with you and remember it right here in my heart.

How i wish that time could stop at that point of time.
What i said was seriously from the bottom of my heart.
Just need the word from you.
Should i wait?

「 Monday, January 01, 2007 」
「 screaming away 5:18 AM 」

WOOTS! 2007! can i count myself as 17 now? hahah! yup, yesterday was new year's eve. time just pass so fast, looking back someone still told me this, "Need to wait for 4 more month, but you gonna jiayou in your olvl...." Yup, watch the fireworks huh? dream fulfiled but not the will i thought it would be. Hmm, nevermind talk about my day first. Had to work today, so *toot* up! xD but i dont really mind la, cause $12 per hour. Who dont want sia. But i die die also didnt want to take the OT. $18 per hour, One of my colleague ask me, why dont wan? Heys money isnt everything brother. Yup, that's a really good friend of mine, too bad he had to do full today. Kelian. But he's 21, after work comfrim party all night long, no problem right? hahah! Went to work today just to get the basic. Sunday and also a public holiday, the crowd is worse than a monday. Sit there and jus watch the time fly. Yup, after work chiong down to meet my darling ehh. SO GOOD! wait for me 2 days in a row. hahha! =) go home together. Once at masiling, i rushed. Nono, not run. FLY! hahah! dam far sia. Reach home, my brother who i ask him help me charge the handphone batt. went out with his handphone. Cause our handphone is the same can switch batts. Nevermind, plug my hp charge for 10mins. hahahh! can last the whole time sia. But i never made any calls la. Met bens, amanda and michelle at smb mrt. The rest missing. So we just left. Meeting ben and winson at city hall. So just go la, so crowded. Siao de! Sqeeze ar! hahahs. Waited for ben and winson. Hahas! they so lame la. cant find us. hhahahhs! at last we stand in the middle of no where in front of the escalator, tata! appear. Grand entrance ehh. No la, JKJK! hhahahas. Hmm, wanted to find sth to eat. Cos me, ben and amanda havent eat our dinner. Find for very long cause they keep talking then suddenly stop walking. LOLS LA! Go up le, we go order drinks. Say say say le, ben tell bens she wan milo "bing", bens than ask, "milo "bing" hot or cold. Wa! hahahs, we laugh until LOLS! nvm, so bens bring the drinks back. I ben and amanda continue our food hunt. LOLS! all say close le. Hungry sia, no choice, go with a empty stomach. Walkwalkwalk.. With our lame formation of light sticks. HAHHA! Push ar! hahahs, raining sia. Was lucky that it was just a slight drizzle. Walk on big around lor, cause all entrance and exit filled. Than at main entrance, bens, ben and amanda went to the toilet while we wait for ferza and his cousin. After a while, blur ferza found us! hahah! yay! LOLS, ferza reaction dam funny la. continue walking to the main bridge to see the fireworks. Cool! so nice. but the ones at 10- 1130 very little. Continued walking to the centre. Sat down and wait. Suddenly no countdown fireworks started shooting la. LOLS. But it was spectacular! best i've seen. 10times better than national day. Lasted about a few mins. 30sec thats what bens said. Duno la. We walk to raffles place mrt. So many people. the cars have no power. xD hahhahs. We go around wishing all the small kids in the cars happy new year! xD hahahhas! they so happy. LOLS! walkwalkwalk.. then took the mrt to orchard. So hungry so i and ben rushed to mcdonald, the others followed. LOLS! is dam hungry! all eat fillet o fish. LOLS, except ferza cousin. Most of us cant finish altough we eat dam slow. Stomach just close. Got sprayed by afew bangala, actually i really feel like throwing a can at them when they spray. But our here too little people. All is bu shi fighter the kind de. haha! Dont care lor, ben tio the most! xD hahahha! After we ate, all so tired, wanna go home le. I tot they wanna taunt. Nvm, go home lor, hahas! also quite tired sia. Wait for the bus dam long. At last come le, the uncle say sit the other side one faster. We dont care, just sit. hahahha! really go one big round. End up the ride took 2 and a 1/2 hour. Reach yishun 4++ le. Than took a taxi home, i bens and ben one taxi, the rest the other cos they stay smb. After the taxi driver drop both bens and ben le. Wa! he become sleepy, the body keep jerking back and fore. almost accident! LOLS, but im still alive yea? Reach home about an hour ago. Now 6am le. I look at my bed, someone sleeping on it sia. Maybe is my erge ba. I go his room, ehh he sleeping on his own bed. LOLS! my bed occupied by my cousin. Bedless ehh. No need sleep le. Hahahs! someone say pei wo dao wo sleep. i think she knockout le. Nvm ehh, rest well. =) yup, i think that's all for today. Wish everyone a good year ahead. Nights! =)

i really wanted to ask you today.
But just had too many doubts about the things you told me,
Are you really single now? im really doubtful about that. Hais!
In the end, I just couldnt do it. Really confused now. Argh!
hope you understand yeah?

I really like you.

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