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「 Sunday, July 27, 2008 」
「 screaming away 5:35 PM 」

Happy that things got for the better the last 2 days. (:
And~and 2 more of my projects down, leaving me with just 1 project + 2 presentation.
How greats is that? (:

Anyway, met up with my peeps from secondary school. It's always fun being with them, just give me nothing to worry about. ha! had a great time guys, meet up soon! though i always dont come at the last minute. LOL! sorrry~ glad you guys are doing fine in poly. yeah, let's work hard for all our different dreams. (:

Oh yeah, btw 'the dark knight' is dope! It's crazy. haha!
"Why so serious?" XD

Music stuck in my head!
How Long by Hinder

「 Tuesday, July 15, 2008 」
「 screaming away 1:11 AM 」

Really bad day for me. Offended practically 2 people today. Sorry, if i did anything wrong. I didn't mean any harm. bored! Actually maybe is recently, seems like every single thing i do either make someone sad, angry, dissapointed or even hate me. ARGH! Why is this happening to me? Maybe it's time to emo. haha!

Just another random post.

Music stuck in my head!
Get Stoned by Hinder

「 Friday, July 11, 2008 」
「 screaming away 1:18 AM 」

Hmm, what do you know? been really busy since last month with projects and it's still piling. hope it ends soon, but when it ends, exams starts! AHHH~ H.E.L.P! lol. All the sleepless nights just brought me down once again. I was down with fever + sore throat + flu. Still having the sore throat now, argh. Un-comfortable. I recover fast, maybe i should call myself~ wolfverine! XD

Anyway, i caught the lastest esp of 'abdc'. for those who don't know what that? it's 'america's best dance crew' DOPE! but i guess esp 3 and above only viewable in america. DAM! need to get a ip-decoder, make mine an american ip! HA! Thinking of dance, i've been away for quite awhile. The others are just busy with their own stuff, HHH, K.O nights, Suntec maybe? Everyone is improving so much. Need to motivate myself somehow. The motivation i once had just disappeared. Seeing my senior who were once in our shoes just make me think are we living up to expectation? I guess not.

can i? CZ will say, buyao 'landuo'. HA! (:

2 more weeks of projects!
dam, i hate counting-down...

Music stuck in my head!
Little Weapon by Lupe Fiasco

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