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「 Saturday, October 27, 2007 」
「 screaming away 2:07 AM 」

Hmm, what's right? what's wrong? I'm really lost! Sleepless nights, been thinking what i really wanted. Danceworks'08 coming up, i'm really afraid i wouldn't have enough time for her, will i neglect her again? ): Let's countdown, 5 months more to hell. Final Exam, NYP open house & danceworks all at the same time, but i determine to do it all. Anyway, the groupings for danceworks are also out. To be true, i'm not really happy about it. Just have this feeling the team will break, and we'll be disperse into other groups. Let's just see how things go, Really wonder isit really possible for anyone to excel both in their cca and studies 100%. Even the best time management people can't do that unless you sleep less which i can't cos i always sleep more than i'm awake. haha. How i wish a day is 48hrs, i can do so much more and fulfill everone wishes. hmm~ wondering~

Music stuck in my head!
Hit the Floor by Bullet For My Valentine

*DAR~ i missyou.

「 Saturday, October 06, 2007 」
「 screaming away 3:44 PM 」

Just woke up from where i fainted. Ha! This is what happen yesterday! (:

Went to school as usual, Met the alliance(7-2/3+2) to practice for our exam today. Tried the back gate today, seems shorter but it's the same, haha. Carrying my heavy speakers to school, LOL! if you saw someone will a super 'big' BLACK paper bag in the train, like carrying a bomb, that's me! HA. the mrt person like check my paperbag everyday la. dots!

Started slacking instead, ha! but manage to sycro the whole first part before lunch. Went off to AMK Hub to collect my contacts. Feels great to have them again, WOOT! Went back to school, yeah! dance~ dance~ dance~ tired. man, i'm addicted to the machacino! LOL! go try it. random~

At last, the time is here. 6.30pm, everyone was like so high. But the wait was long~ Became more and more nervous, i and rui BTH we go toilet. LOL! By the time reach our turn, i was stoned. LOL! practically, our steps aren't that sharp. just can't feel the groove, we were like so warmdown. nvm, it's over. haha! Great job everyone! This year groups were darn funny la. *Bang Bang* XD

After that, a group of us and a few seniors went to AMK mac to eat. By the time we ate finish, last train was gone. We all said we wanna go back, instead all chilled till the first train started. LOL! Feng was dam lame la, CZ was even lamer. OMG! Ha. Home sweet home~ we trained back.

This is what we saw and commented:
One uncle walking very stiff - Nice botting.
One aunty ran - Must learn to
control. LOL!

One uncle hold plastic bag - Nice use of props. XD

Went to get breakfast with Tyron coss dam hungry. Walked home, scared that i would sleep in the bus la. LOL! Reach home and fainted. Ha! (:

Music stuck in my head!
All This Things I Hate by Bullet For my Valentine

*Exams Over! (:

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