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「 Wednesday, August 30, 2006 」
「 screaming away 10:32 PM 」

Feeling kind of troubled this few days, just feel so lost. am i heading towards the correct direction? or am i just falling backwards. hmm, school as usual. boring! lessons just get more and more troublesome as we are nearing our prelims and o's. Maths! Maths! and more maths! arent just enough to do. It seems that i've done alot, actually i done none. comparing to my classmates, some have already completed their tys. crazy? maybe not, maybe im just slacking too much. A rather long day, with a surprize maths test at the end of the day. Stress up once again although it was an easy paper. Careless! argh, nvm. After school, englsih sup continued. Had to write a composition, with that kind of surroundings, it was almost immpossible for me to write a completed one. At last, i just ended my story terribly, hope my o's wouldnt be like this, or i will die terribly. Yup, CNA came down today to interview mr sulaiman, president's award i see. hahas, congrats once again! u really make us proud. Am i that stress up? i hope not! Hope everyone of my friends do well, especially you! you know who. haha! must jiayou wor! haha. the last 10metres to run, all my efforts must make the finish a beautiful one. 2 weeks to go! 2 months to go! to prelims and o's respectively! missya! :D

「 Monday, August 28, 2006 」
「 screaming away 7:04 PM 」

let me see, nothing much happen today, just a typical monday with the usual blues. the day was especially long. from 7am-5pm++, maths killing me again! so close to prelims. just received my timetable, omg. clash of some subjects. like physics with history! still got many more together. Just hope i will do well in everything. hoping, praying, though im not a chirstian, yeah! god bless me! hahas. having chemistry test tommorrow, sian. byes! missyou so much!

「 Saturday, August 26, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:16 PM 」

the feeling of tireness fills me today. the day was so tiresome, just felt like having a good morning rest and not go school. force to wake up, on remembering i was late last week, i had to do one extra test paper. woke up at 7++, went for my breakfast, change and i headed for school. maths class again. today's class specially early, 9-12pm so long too! must learn not to yearn for the next 2months, if not i will have a tough time ahead. after maths class, i went home. ferza didnt come today so no ball to play soccer. bored. nothing to do, i slacked at home and watch my tv. cartoon huh? hahas, still a kid xD haihao la. went for dinner at about 6++ super hungry, cause i miss lunch. nice, chicken rice! it's been years since i eat chicken rice. Came up, watch the lame jacky wu show. wahahahhas! damn funny! laugh until i fall on the floor. really fall, pain sia. lols. haha, lame day. feeling so headache right now. going to have a good night rest today, hao ba! nites! missya.

*Colour My Life Orange.

「 Wednesday, August 23, 2006 」
「 screaming away 9:38 PM 」

Feeling really restless for the past few days, feeling that something just croped up in my brain but i just cant figure it out. is it because of you? not sure too. hahas Went to school, as usual today, maths is back again. after 2 days of no maths i felt so free the last 2 days. slacking days, stress! filled me once again as my teacher reminder us of the chapters we left for revision. yep, maths revision equal to more homework, more own work. Still have to concentrate on my other subjects too, hmm. havent even start CH and physics. cracking my brains for it. hmm, after school there was the teacher's day audition for the concert. after all the planning we did, at last we still didnt perform. hahas, prelims more important. maybe next year can perform as alumini. maybe! we were never know what will happen next year. after school headed to the library to study. do all my homework there. so much? still ok, i wanna study so much. hahas, weird! good for me to have this attitude now but everytime i meet a problem i cant solve i will just get tired and wanna go and slp instead. hahas. just came online to check out something, blogged at the same time. no one to chat to. where are you?! hahas. im so bored. maybe going to study now. byes! missya dars! xD

「 Tuesday, August 22, 2006 」
「 screaming away 10:41 PM 」

boring days ahead of me. how i wish the o's are over now, i dont think i'm even prepared for it yet. so stress, so little time, so much work. but i cant resist myself from slacking for a day or two. haha. went to school, today as usual. got a really bad stomachache in the mrt, manage to hold it till i got to school. went to the toilet to do my business, haha the funny thing is that there's not only me. another 2 person was also shitting! hahahs! the air was filled with ... !!! Quickly shit finish, then ran out. lols, noticed the national anthem already been sang finish. woah! first time, i nvr attend national anthem in my schooling life. never said sing cos my school no ones sings it. hahas. i sing, in my heart. wahahahs. woots, first lesson, MT. free period, can do my TYS. still got so much to do. PE was crap, our ball got taken, our court got taken and we had to use the field. 5vs5, we played the full field. run like mad, haha but i nvr run much. but still more than any sport i played this year. After pe was chem. hahas, not bad. still got 28/36, at least my hardwork paid off quite abit. Ohs, Mr. Sulaiman got the president's award! shocking? lols! congrats to you! your hardwork paid of too! haha. hmm, quite bored, after school went for the physics sup. class. noticed alot of things i forgotten. must study more. After school, went home change i head to eat dinner with my big bro, sgt seh! argh! 4 hrs gone. Had a nice dinner with him, chat and shared lame jokes. hais, but it's a weekday. lucky today i didnt had homework. supposed to be a slacking day. end up only left 1 hr of fun. nvm. hao ba, tommorrow will have a really long day. maths and more maths again, sian. go slp le! nites. missya! xD

「 Sunday, August 20, 2006 」
「 screaming away 9:47 AM 」

so fast sunday le. hahas, slept pretty late yesterday, just couldnt sleep. Watch tv the whole night. Tired, but i didnt want to sleep until so late, later make my day so restless. Yesterday, i woke up early cause i had maths class. Went down to eat, came up change i ran of to school. I can still reached in time, by the time i reach the mrt i miss it. argh! i tot maybe 5mins, i can still make it in time. i looked at the screen, 13 MINS!!! omg. im going to be really late. Yup, i was late. dammit! got an extra test paper to do. sian la, nvm can use it as revision xD maths class was super long, 3hrs? yup start at 10am to 1pm. but it wasnt too stress this week, nvr crack the brain that much. After maths class, we went to play soccer. haha, so fun! score one goal too! own goal. lols, just pissed off by someone who thinks he is dam good. nvm. went home after that, we all went to the bubble tea stall to buy some bubbletea. honeydew sago! nice la, people must trust me. hahas. After i drank finish it, i went home. met xiaobai and ahmah on the train. hahas! xiaobai! nizainali! wahahahas. jkjk. had a nice chat, long time nvr talk to ahmah le. good good! u are still doing well. hahas. went home, so bored. submit the skin i made ytd. Cool! u trivial! hahas. k la, nth much happen at night. hahas nth ba. hope today goes well. darling missya!

*My Trivial Life

「 Saturday, August 12, 2006 」
「 screaming away 3:38 AM 」

long time since i last blogged. still friday? nahs it saturday. Im tired, just came back from the airport. Yesterday, was a long day. phew, didnt felt like going to school. so tired, really felt like it was a monday. I went to school, feeling so stressed up, taking chinese o' lvls results and english o' lvl after school. Argh, was really scared i would fail again. For english oral, i was really afraid it would be really hard. The day passed really fast, Everyone was going around asking each other what's their targets. I was just praying to pass. The time has came, my MT HOD made a speech saying chinese didnt do well this time. I was like, omg, im going to fail again. hahas. but it was quite normal for me anyway. I went to take my results, i've pass! yay! than weisong also pass his chinese, he stand at the centre of the hall and shouted, if weisong can do it! so can you! everyone was so tense, but it made us laugh. After school, we waited for the time for our english oral. Sat there, i started to feel hungry, argh. forgot to eat my lunch. i thought nvm, by 4++ i would be able to leave, which ws abt 2 hrs later. The examier came 45mins late! omg, nvm. sat i a grp like chinese oral, started telling each other jokes. hahas. Saw the picture from far, 2 white fig. everyone thought it would be about PAP. Started to discuss idea abt it. haha, confident huh? The wait made my fear go away. i was tired of waiting. really hungry at that time. it was my turn to read. i look at the picture behide, lols. it's not abt PAP but 2 professional sportsmen. haha, nvm. manage to read and talk quite fluently, happy about it. at least, i didnt stuck like the prelims. went to eat kfc at cwp with benny after everything ended. Saw quite a few ppl, first pellyn. nvr saw us? hahahs. then POK and gang! hahas. Went home after that, receive a call from my dad saying we must go airport to fetch my bro. Bath change than we went to the airport to fetch him. Waited from 1.30 to 2.45am then he came out. Then we went home. Just reached home, i dont think i'll be sleeping so soon, going to can eat breakfast le. hahas. hao ba, going to eat breakfast now. byes! missya so much darling!

「 Thursday, August 10, 2006 」
「 screaming away 8:17 PM 」

*Party Your Life.(SOTD)

「 Tuesday, August 08, 2006 」
「 screaming away 9:56 PM 」

or can i say the eve only. hahas, been quite long since i last blog. my com is still crash, even to blog, im having difficulties. hahas, went to bens hse to stay ytd to complete the template for our shirts. fun ehh? but tiring. woke up at abt 6am, changed and ate bens mum cook the breakfast. yummy! hahas. than bens father fetch us to school. reach school, started to help some of the other spray their shirt and thier hair, and the day started. at the best-dress class competition, the most dumb thing happen, each class supposed to cheer a cheer for singapore. My class did sth like pinning a letter of this "HAPPY FORTY-ONE BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE" firstly, we were arranged wrongly like "SINGAPORE HAPPY FORTY-ONE BIRTHDAY" wrong! out, hahahs. secondly, it was so dumb, saying "happy birthday singapore!" then turning backwards. ... LAME! hahas. after that, we were force to buy our schools bazaar coupons. FORCED! lols, nvr use it anyway. went to play soccer! street champ over there. hahas after the bazaar, i was so sian, i and bens were like walking aimlessly, at last we went to cwp to eat yoshi! nice! benny said if i wanted to watch a movie, argh. so late 315! we waited for 1hr++, but i bth. i was so tired. sorry la bens, pok and fren too. hahas, nxt time k? cmon nxt time! lols. went home after that and slept until 7++ woked up refreshed. made a skin, so bored, someone save me! but submitting tommorrow. hahas, maybe tmr going espanande or somewhere to watch the fireworks, still duno. sian. hahas, at least sleeping on my comfy bed today! byes* missya darling! xD

「 Friday, August 04, 2006 」
「 screaming away 8:53 PM 」

the days are getting more and more boring day by day. havent been blogging for almost aweek because i was too buzy and my desktop also crashed which made only my bro's laptop avaliable but he has to use it frequently. so i cant use. hais, so sian. Suffered from a really bad throat infection which made me 'practically' mute for the whole morning, so i didnt go to school. Had a test today, didnt know about it cos no one told me. still able to pass it i think. played soccer again at recess, was a really fast game. dont know who win also. hahas. after school, i went home straight, was too tired but i didnt slept after i reached home. I went to the doctor, hahas. the pain was killing me. had to go. really lucky, got the number and straight to the doctor. My father fetch me home after that. made a new skin today, quite nice i guess. nvm about it. tommorrow still have maths sup. class, again another 3hrs but with a emaths paper 1 test. super! sian ah! nvm, looking at the brighter side of life, must study harder, really left abt 1 month to prelims, 3months to o's lvls. so close. yea! the creation of the ultimate mugger!

*The day the world ended

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