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「 Monday, July 30, 2007 」
「 screaming away 12:29 AM 」

I so darn tired today! Not that actually, dont know why. Slept 4am yesterday just to complete my marketing scrap book. Design marathon! I'm quite amazed actually, 12 hours facing my laptop. I must be crazy, but got mama pei me right? HA.

Yeah, so went to meet Alex and Andrew at fareast to find for a printing shop. It's sunday so most of the printing shops are closed. Really siandiao. We practically walked around orchard area in circles, at last we decided to head to topayoh to check the shops out there. Can't find any too, thought of the library. Even when we ask them, the answered us like they really provide that service, in the end we super siandiao when the screen showed, 'No Colour Print'. What the?

So Andrew called Shuxian asked where to print in topayoh cos she stay at there. Asked us go some community centre like very 'wulu', must take bus there somemore. While waiting for bus, Raphael suddenly appeared. LOL! cos alex voice very asounding, then raphael heard it from quite far. Ha, so we go the community centre. woah, it smelled like. OMG? ha, k la cut short. nvr got to print there too. LOL! But the aunty there told us to go parklane. So we went. It was also super near Braddel MRT, It's our first time there la. Raphael dam funny la, keep saying the place dam weird. "On top weird, Downstair more weird!" LOL!

At last we reach there, is actually at peace centre. OMG! their printing service there is awesome. Quality dam good, amazing to have a shop like that in such a wulu area. After we print, we headed to SMU to do finish the project, pasted into the scrapbook. then went for dinner at PS long john silver. Oh the skin fish quite horrible la, not fresh. Went home after that, still haven't thought how to present our product tomorrow. Not to worry, the crappers never fails to present. Ha! Yeah, so let's see what happens tomorrow, that's all forks! (:

Music stuck in my head!
Make You Smile by Plus44

「 Monday, July 23, 2007 」
「 screaming away 12:11 AM 」

Harry Potter & the Order of the Pheonix - Nice story polt but maybe for a book, not a movie. Cos all the exciting parts are only at the ending part. So it's like watching a 30mins movie. But it's still a enjoyable movie overall.

Stars Ratings: -~~~-

The Invisible Target - Awesome, filled with action and stunts. Very nice story polt, though it's kind of predictable like a normal HK movie. Fight scenes are darn cool, funny too~ Those who love action packed movie should catch it!

Stars Ratings: -~~~~-

「 Sunday, July 22, 2007 」
「 screaming away 1:30 AM 」

yeahyeah~ what a funny day. it's been a few times going out with the puers/bao but i never blog about anything. i guess i should type something today, since it's a successful one! (:

Was dam tired today, cos i need to wake up early and head to pray my aunt. yup, it's her 49th day, time really pass so fast. Still can't believe she left us just like that, life is just so fragile. Reach there around 9++ then start ended around 10++ then head to bugis there for breakfast, not bad. HA. My dad then fetch me to Vivo as promised, something dam crap-ed happened la. hais, sometimes i really feel like leaving this family of mine. Darn unreasonable, today was my bro kena from my father. though what my bro said was the truth but my dad just keep denied the fact. 3 whole times my dad drove towards the guardrail, cars, a pillar and break almost hitting it. LOL! my aunts inside were like so scared. hahaa~ not the first time it happen, so i'm kind of used to it. Hais. Got to Vivo safety, but was dam early. LOL!

Went to explore the whole vivo, ok. maybe not the whole. Saw one dam big book store which i never went in before, woah! really big, like mansion! LOLS! still got reading area. They got really some nice design books in there. BUT~ super ex sia! $100++ per book? LOL! just took them down to read while waiting baos(PO & JL). Went to ben&jerry to meet them went they reach to wait for my puers! and brento of cos. (He asked me to come but went back early though) LOL! They ordered they craving ice-creams and a drank my plain water. Pathetic~ Mabel & Brento came then we went to meet weitieng and GV. Catch the movie, harrypotter : Order of the bird? LOL! it was not really exciting like the first few ones, enjoyable though. Pass the chips here and there, still end up at me. LOL! i pass, still come back. In the end, i stuffed myself with chips cos brento dont wan his chips also. LOL! After the movie we follow brento on his shopping spree! bought nothing though. Brent worth at least $2000 today on him. WOAH! haha. Saw the A/X formal shirt dam nice la, somemore 50%. but just dont feel like spending on clothes now. i wanna get a pair of sneakers again & a wallet of cos. My wallet can breathe, if you know what i mean. XD

We were dam hungry and tired, but we passed by a heaven. Kimgary hongkong restaurant! the queue was like dam long, time check 5.30pm. wait wait wait. we were like crapping here and there at a super loud tone. LOL! At last we got a sit, ordered our food. Weitieng recommandations, nice. but we waited kind of long. i'm patient though, but guess what. they came back and said they losted our orders. LOL! joke. re-order, JL was dam pissed though. But overall nice food, better than you know..

After dinner we went back to orchard. Followed brento to Shanghai Tang to get for his grannie a present, i think he's seriously late la. LOL! after he went off we went to far east. Saw until some fiece people, with a guai alex. Not like he's normal-self la. HA! mabel bought her shoes then we head home. All the stalls were closing so not choice. so early! :/ after that we head home. Had a fun time guys! thankyou! that's all forks~ jaa neh! (:

*minipuer missing today - sick
(dabao a.k.a big cannon)
Jieling(xiaobao a.k.a small cannon)
Brento(dumpling a.k.a middle-finger)

Music stuck in my head!
The Great Escape by Boys like Girls

「 Friday, July 13, 2007 」
「 screaming away 6:27 PM 」

Had our very first Fbodz Exam yesterday. Ran there right after my project, super stressed up mind, so many projects. Practice for it, dont know if i really improved anot. But it's just so fun! Started with the usual stretches, argh! still cant stretch my left thigh. Still haven't recover ):

After that, senior seperate us into grps than start our own cheoreo. The other teams were like so bonded, our team didn't start that well cos some of us didn't know each other. We practice by ourselves, solo. after awhile than we started helping each other. funny? LOL! So can say we were the last to start our cheoreo. Not really much effort put into it, because of time constrain.

Exam time! No mirror! oh my god? dam stress. dont know where to look sia. I glance at one senior she diao me. i scared than look away, i look at ar-ar, she smiled make me wanna laugh so i look away again. totally was staring at the wall the whole time. Crappy! After all the groups completed, then we got back our results. Ok? bad? don't know? Have to be more sharp and confident! GAMBATTE!
by this time, everyone was dam tired. then the seniors chose a best grp for the day to do a encore. "Group 2!" dam sian diao la. so tired, to even move. dance, this time i tried to interact with the audience. ar-ar call my name again, i look at her face then started laughing la. LOLSQ! can't stop laughing. screwed up once again. LOLS! But one thing please my efforts, i dont dance like a ahboy or a ahpek anymore. (:

Most of the junior went for supper after that! (Jacky, WJ, Andee, O.Jess, Y.Jess, PL, YZ, Tyron, Rafee, Djiinga & Me i think that's all?) Senior stayed i think because they wanna talk to nick, he's leaving to NS today. So sad! No more hair! haha! On the way there, Old Jessica kena scare 3 times in a row. hahahhaa! dam funny, first one andee jump out from the wall. Second, i shout coaroach she sceam and jump. Last one the funniest, cos she looking around for xiaoziang than never see until Sharon. LOL! shock again! xD Can't image if it was Chris, i think Andee will land up in hospital. haha! We sat at S-11, eat and chill. Went home around 12 as usual. What a fun day! I thank all who made my day! Jaa neh~ (:

Music stuck in my mind!
Passion by Se7en

「 Thursday, July 12, 2007 」
「 screaming away 11:02 PM 」

Who say that?! Who say that?!
How can i continue when i'm insulted?!
... i'm leaving for a better pay and prospect anyway.

J.Chew 1:14

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America by Razorlight

「 Monday, July 09, 2007 」
「 screaming away 8:52 PM 」

Argh! my fringe is dam short! :( sad man, miss the irritating fringe of mine. losing my confidence~ ar, whatever. hope it grow faster, cos my hair take years to grow.

hmm, school as usual today. super de tired cos i tried to tuant the whole night to watch the 'LIVE EARTH' totally cool! though it doesn't really meet it objectives. LP just rock the stage, dope~ But it was quite irritating when they keep changing to venues i dont wanna see. Other than London, NY & Japan, others was quite crap. Though some of the bands from Sydney rock the stage too, Razorlight! I'm starting to get addicted to some of their songs. Kind of have the mix of funk and rock, cool right? yeah!

Both the Marketing lecture & tutorial was fine, as usual cool susan was teaching. She's nice. Suppose to do marketing project after class, but after alex left to meet his friend and puers, bao's going town to chill. we lost the mood to do. LOLS! nvm, continue on wed.

Went cineleisure pastamania for our lunch, abit crap. Supposed to be nice right? i'm losing confidence in pastamania too. haha~ then after that we went to chill, the girls went to find their formal wear for their presentations. Brent went round town to see his 'out of our reach' stuffs. LOL! get what i mean? Went home after that. Skipping all the details, haha. tired, ya. Jaa neh~ (:

Music stuck in my mind!
In The Morning by Razorlight

「 Saturday, July 07, 2007 」
「 screaming away 12:16 AM 」

I'm back! 070707! darn cool, some of my friends say it maybe the end of the world. Others just love the no. 07 especially ferza. LOLS~ just so tired, i wanted to sleep at 10pm today. look, i'm still awake. early in the morning?! Crap, i see more projects coming up. half-bored, direct translation for my dialect. HA.

It's my holiday today, not actually. just the guaduation of SBM students that's why we had a day off. Went out with a gang of people that make the whole group keep on laughing. LOLS! i will die soon i guess. HA. went to marina square, train was freaking slow on the north line so i reached there late. LOL went to find them. Guess who i saw on the way, haha! go guess la. was walking dam fast, cos juliana ask me search the whole first floor, actually they are at second floor. dam hot also, so i wanted to get in marina asap. suddenly i saw 2 very familiar people. XD i say go guess right? LOLS!

Sorry ar, just walk off without saying bye. LOLS! i think you all also dont want me to bug us guys. HA. sped off to find them, weiting, mabel and juliana was there. and i saw jieling waving like hongwai's S.O.S style. hahahh! went to eat some hong kong thingy. they gave ask a free 'bing shan nai cha'. i was thinking, "Woah! such a nice name. Should be super nice". drank it, it's actually teh peng. dots. i guess they thrash hong kong's name too. HA.

Met brent after that. So the girls went to see their formal wear that they wanna buy. then send brent to reborn, woah! wait. havent reach there. went to fareast, on the way saw the ahbeng that shouted at brent 'fuck' last time. dumb kid. then went there, told the stylist how to cut his hair. then i need to rush off. Sorry ya brent. Went to meet my bro to cut hair, so messy. Today like typhoon struck me. hair fly like astroboy. LOLS! decided to cut it short for once. if it's nice i would keep it. try it man! haha. Met my father after that, than he fetch us home. Tired! ha, i think i'll stop here. Jaa neh~ (:

my new hair style!

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Colours of the heart by UVERworld

「 Tuesday, July 03, 2007 」
「 screaming away 11:49 PM 」

Woo! No stats lecture tomorrow! guess what? Lecture Hall 6 projector exploded! hahahhaa~ Fun! but got marco lecture makeup. hais, siandiao. if not tommorrow holiday. Still got project tomorrow, hais. nevermind, no mood to type on. i'll just end here, jaa neh~!

Music stuck in my head!
The Kill by 30 Seconds To Mars

「 Monday, July 02, 2007 」
「 screaming away 10:27 PM 」

ARGH! starting to hate projects. So many at a time can kill a person, yeah. Especially when sometimes you do it with some M.I.A people. Sorry to say that, but it just piss me off everytime someone does that. Just tired, can't you just be more serious? how many chances would you want us to give you? nevermind.

Woot! it's really exaggerated, the way the 'transformers' are screening in cinemas. Went to check it on day 1, full until 130am solt. Day 3, same. It's already the 5th day of it's screening, still 3/4 filled. my god, all front sits left. HA. not sure why the media gave it 2 stars. It was awesome~ At least better than the fansastic4. Dope humourous! Laugh like mad.

Ya, guess what. Suppose to go for lesson at 8, mike woke up at 8. Bravo~ x) so crapped up! and lecture ended an hour eariler. hais~ waste my one hour. So i only went for the marketing tutorial in the end. End up doing nothing too, cos half of the lesson we did our project instead. Boring day, though went to library with puers! the bao sisters? brent! laugh like mad. Our jokes stays in here, hahahhaaa~ nvm. don't feel like blogging any longer than this, so i'll just stop here. hmm, but i wanna try something out. Like posting the song that just smooth-ed my mood or made my day. yeah! that's all forks~ Jaa neh!

Music stuck in my head!
False Pretense by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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