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「 Thursday, December 20, 2007 」
「 screaming away 2:08 PM 」

I'm back! from my holidays, go for our annual holiday to penang. Seriously, boring! there's nothing to do there, and seriously no "cb" :X ha! but, the food there is good. Didn't get to eat the famous laksa though, argh! they opened so freaking late, since they are so rich.

We want to book a 18 seater back to Singapore, but they ran out. Even the 24 seater ran out. Left with 16 seater, it's OMG la. Got TV, Massage chair? LOL!

The main thing we did there was to go to this temple to pray, Nth really change there, except the bus interhange does have buses anymore, so private companies do it themselves. Private as in they just buy a bus and do it. LOL! Joke sia.

Went we came back, we need to go to the new bus terminal which is so far that we need to take a taxi. So suay to sit this taxi, his taxi alignment is off so it's like he have to turn right to go straight. and the worst thing is he think he is the king of the road. 30 mins ride and i thought i used up all my luck. More than 3 time almost accident. LOL!

At last we reach there safety, sat the bus comfortablely. OMG! it broke down. LOL! we didn't care abt it cos everyone was watching tv. The bad thing, he have to rush and did not stop for a toilet break. Reach Singapore in the early hours of morning, and i went back to bed cos i didn't catch a wink in the bus.

What a trip!

Music in my head!
Breakdown by PlainWhiteT's

*baby! you are missed! (:

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