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「 Sunday, November 18, 2007 」
「 screaming away 5:45 PM 」

Headache strucks again! Darn. ha, came back kinda late yesterday so i slept late too. But yesterday was fun, at least i went out. It's been awhile since i went out with my FBodz peeps. Woke up around 10++, i can really say, i was so tired my body didn't want to move. Breakdance & House really killed us on Friday. LOL! really need to work on my stamina and technics. Went i reach AMK, notice so many people never turn up, i guess all can't wake up. Jacky's performance was also pushed back to 3pm. So we just go eat KFC, eat. Then headed back to Woodlands for the Hip-Hop Festival at RP to support Tricia's SHOW. *hongkong accent* ver-ri Fun-ni ar. Jacky was darn funny, he and his Jackass! LOL! the competition behind was kinda crappy so we left. HA! that's not the main reason, we are going to support Jacky! He's joining the Beatbox Asia Championship. So we head to AMK Hub, kinda dumb la, cos i stay at woodlands, than from woodlands come AMK, go back woodlands, than head to AMK again. dots~ Let's just skip all the details, Jacky was so DOPE~ but the judges shock him, haha! i guess he almost pee-ed in his pants. His name was last to call. ha, went to town to chill after that. Guess everyone split up at Far east. Shop for their own stuff, i bought my band! yay! amazingly everyone bang into each other at some hip-hop competition held there, haha. Went to cine for cake after that. But we ate long john. LOL! Slacked till the last train than everyone rush home. Home sweet home, Jaa neh~

Music stuck in my head!
Drive by Incubus


「 Wednesday, November 14, 2007 」
「 screaming away 9:34 PM 」

Yeah! It's Mike's debut performance. Nahs, just kidding. Today, the Fbodz performed for the lunch-time performance. Went to school early in the morning to practice with the seniors, then change. All Red, so RED! LOL! Until around 1230 we headed to the atruim. Was, sang nice la. It was our turn, abit nervous, the crowd was really big too. High, the performance finished so fast. Just had fun, the feeling was amazing. Went back to chill at block e than i went to find, the PU-BORS. Ant was there too, caught the movie 'Beowolf'. Ok la, overall not that bad la. But the intro was crap, if i'm alone i would have walk out, cos the demon spoke in a language we cant understand. LOL! Chill around town and home sweet home. That's all! Ja nehh~ (:

Music stuck in my head!
Apologise by Timbaland

*Will i hurt anyone in the long run? :/

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