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「 Tuesday, April 29, 2008 」
「 screaming away 2:59 AM 」

I'M 18!
Can't believe it! Lame. Mike has to grow up, HA! Been pretty busy since the start of school that i didn't had time to blog. Before i start anything, I wanna thank all my dear friends who celebrated my 18 years on this earth with me. You guys made my day, though my family spoiled it. Seriously. Love the cake, hmm. Chocolate Fluch? Not sure. Really nice! HA! Thanks! Really happy. You guys made time though it was the busy time of the week. Auditions ya? Bored! -.-

It's just made me missed my secondary school peeps so much. Just a year ago they celebrated with me, simple yet it was my best birthday i ever had. They just made my day, Looking back on the post one year ago. I changed so much. Good or Bad? I'm not really sure. Been dancing everyday for the last half a year i kind of lost track of time. I've learn to cherish my love ones more. Money isn't everything in this world, it can't buy back your love ones once you lose them. So cherish them! Your Friends and Your Family. Life is really fragile, a minute you could be healthy. a minute you could be gone. Kinda miss a few people who left me, in the last couple of years. Hmm~

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Crushcrushcrush by Paramore

「 Thursday, April 24, 2008 」
「 screaming away 12:26 PM 」

ClubCrawl is over! LOL! I know i'm quite back-dated, cos it ended like last week. XD Just kinda busy, with a game. HA! No la, that's just a side-thing. Most important, AUDITIONS! Gonna be fun i guess. A bad-thing happen, but i still feel fortunate. As it's better than having chixpox. HA! I'm Chixpox free! LOL! My ankle had been in pain for the last 1 week, almost had flu and now i'm having cough. It's like i'm getting sick every month. The point to make, Sleep is essential! Though i'm saying it, but i cant work to it. HA!

Anyway, this is the part i wish most of my batch people will read. Though no-one will force anyone to be commited to something, but when u are, something will be achive! I'm sure. A reputation is gain by one's achivements, now that reputation is there already. We can't just expect to sit-back-relax and hold it there, do we? Just hope everyone will just do their best, and improve at one's individual level. Make FB proud guys! We can do it.

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Creep by Radiohead

「 Monday, April 07, 2008 」
「 screaming away 5:15 AM 」

Just a random post before i sleep. (:
Got into the elective language i wanted, JAPANESE! WOO~ At the same time, i'm pissed about myself for not waking up on Saturday. Missed swimming with the gang. Argh! Boredom. At least they came over to my house & ton. Yeah! Crazy people, playing soccer and basketball in the middle of the night. 3,4am? Amazing no police came. HA! it was fun though, been a while since i last played some sports. it felt great. Many funny things happen too, BASKETBALL: (MIKE,TYRON,JUSTIN VS. ANDEE,YP) 11-0. LOL! SOCCER: (ANDEE, YP VS. TYRON,RAY) 5-4. LOL? Tyco is a skill. Remember that! XD

Saw the post @ Seems like the seniors are really having lots of fun there. What more? The video was only showing their journey to their hotels. LOL! It's bored here in Singapore, Doing the same thing everyday. I'm even losing track of time, haha! Kinda miss the seniors. When the studio is filled, we feel like using it. Now it's empty, yet no one wanna use it. Moodless! Oh yeah, Hilty & Bosch is seriously dope! Inspired~ Go check out the 'RedBull One' vid. Feeling it? (:

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Gallery by Mario Vazquez

「 Friday, April 04, 2008 」
「 screaming away 7:35 AM 」

Tired! Haven't really sleep for the last two days, awake all night to do up some design. Life of a designer, so lucky that i will not be working as a designer for life. Just doing it for the fun of it. HA! earning $$ at the same time of cos. Hate rush jobs, especially when you are totally drained out of inspiration or ideas. You will practically go berserk!

Wouldn't be sleeping for now, gonna sent my seniors off. They are going taiwan! Shoik la. Early flight, suddenly feel like sleeping. LOL! Woo~ i will go nuts today i guess. Whatever i'm gonna say today, CZ sure say, "BU HAO XIAO". I'm sure, dont even know what i'm typing now. Ok, nvm. I know what i'm typing of cos.

Think the guys got to buckup on all our chereos. Far cry from perfection, gonna push myself even further. Sudden urge to seriously go for 'locking', IMPROVE IMPROVE IMPROVE! Don't want to neglect Hiphop as well. Only way? Do well in both. Fong, you are dope! no doubt about it. Learning locking from you had just inspired me to go even further. A sudden growth in passion! Lovin' it! I still have a month more of holidays to enjoy, just love this new life i'm living. Just makes me forget about my stressed-up life, i guess something happen at home yesterday. Peace after a war, good in a way. At least i have peace. Hope things get better soon.

Music stuck in my head!
Sensual Seduction by Snoop Dogg

「 Wednesday, April 02, 2008 」
「 screaming away 2:35 AM 」

Long days ahead!
Feeling really confused now, visited raybear recently as he was really sick. Didn't really cared much if i will get chicpox, as i had it once already. But it seems dots has appearing on my hands the day after we visited him. Pure coincidence? Hope so~ Ray, quickly come back. I'm just really scared if it's really chicpox, ClubCrawl is coming up and i can't afford to fall sick now. Esp Chicpox. Worst still, i joined locking. If i really fall sick, im gonna mess up fong's hardwork. Guilt-ed. Plus, i really want to join clubcrawl.

Went to the doctor today, dont know what crap is he talking. At last, after asking so many questions about the dots. He still didn't answer my questions. Though he said, "Chicken Pox dont usually start from the hands." A glimpse of hope! Just have a gut-feeling it is. Pray! i still want my holidays. hais~ Anyway, i found something great about being under-18. Polyclinic is super cheap. For children under-18, consultation fee is $4.60 only. Oh ya, my medicine was $0.80 + subsidies. 30Cents! LOL! Total bill, give $5 still got change. Funny la! Waste my time and Cash, nvm. It healed me mentally. HA!

Oh yeah, i shoe hunt-ed online. DOPE! Found afew Old'School Shoes, not avaliable in SG anymore. Hope there's still in Taiwan, asking ah-ling help me lookout. Who's Ahling? Go find out urself. XD Shoe i'm looking for now, Adidas Forum Mid. Love the white base designs, all of them. Check it out yourself! (:

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Matter Of Time by Lisa Shaw







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