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「 Friday, August 24, 2007 」
「 screaming away 11:21 PM 」

Exams have ended! WOOHOO~
Lets see, went with the PUBORS to eat sushiTEH after exams.
then watch secrets~ really nice movie.

Secrets - Awesome story polt, with awesome music. Especially those who love music will love it, those who don't, will start loving music. Every scene just make u wanna see the next scene, but the only thing is, it's too short.
+ factor: Jay Chou comical side, as usual.

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Music stuck in my head!
不能说的秘密 by Jay Chou

23080711 (:

「 Wednesday, August 22, 2007 」
「 screaming away 2:12 PM 」

MIKE 1:19

Music stuck in my head!
One Year Six Months by Yellowcard

「 Sunday, August 05, 2007 」
「 screaming away 10:37 PM 」

I'm back! been so busy the last few weeks, haven't been sleeping well too. Project, Projects, Projected. LOL! Done with most, left 1 more to go. Weee~ hmm, i shall just blog abt yesterday. Hmm, tired. Woke u really early cos i and my brothers need to bring my cousins from holland out to see Singapore. Went to my grandma's sis house, LOL! sounds so distant. It is! ha. Yep, meet them there. 4 of them, funny. nevermind about that, so they wanted to go escape. -.- i was thinking it would really be so boring. and it really is! except go-kart! cos i didn't play it before. but Pepsi-revelution was closed, rainbow was closed, pirateship was also closed. -.- Practically i did a go-kart session with baoyi, drifting. LOL! the others went to play other things. They won a super big black monkey! LOL! with just $4. then they came back to meet us at the 2 people go-kart. LOL! the driver need to be 18, when that person asked my younger bro. he gave a dam zhuai face, "i'm 18" LOL~ we laugh like shit la! ok, than we race. 4 cars together. go-kart became bummer car. coming to the end, accident happen. LOL! my bro kart skided 180degrees and faced us. LOL! i didn't had my legs on the brake and the accelarator was forced down by baoyi. LOL! boom! wahahahhaa! dam funny la. The look on my bro face. HA! Then we head to the single go-kart, race again! haha! first round was fun, i was winning. last round when i went up the slope curl thingy, like the carpark one, my bro keep banging my back la, he no skill la. suddenly my car stutter, and stop sia! -.- sad, no petrol. LOL! dam funny la! i was laughing at myself. who goes up with a kart and walk down. dots! After that, we were super hungry, so we headed to suntec to eat. Some indo restuarant my bro recommended, freaking taxi fare 20++ X2 cos 2 taxi. LOL! nevermind. hmm, the indo restuarant closed down. dots, when to eat mac instead. Saw Minhui! LOL! then my little cousin told me some lame jokes. Wa! is duper lame la! my god! After that we went to watch a movie, 'Disturbia' Woah, really nice movie. not really thrilling though, but storyplot was awesome. if i wrote that for my o levels, A1. LOL! by the time movie ended it's already 1130, rushed for the last train to send them home. they stay at, KOVAN! lol, shi yuan de la. for there we cabbed back. reached home around 2++, bath and slept. that's all for yesterday. Quite fun ya? Hmm, tommorrow not lecture! Shuang! go school at 10am. (:
but got project after that. Complete it, and no more projects for this sem. Yup! Jaa neh~

Music stuck in my head!
Swing Swing by The All-American Rejects

Disturbia - Awesome story polt, but the thrill parts are really short only for the last part. Overall, this is a really cool thriller. And, it's funny too! x)

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