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「 Wednesday, September 27, 2006 」
「 screaming away 8:20 PM 」

About one month left to my OLVLs. Feeling the real tension now, still can remember the first day of sec3. We all said this, Olvl next year still so long. Not long ehh, could have done much more if i have start studying a little than. Too bad, i was a gamer last time. Never studied. xD Today we finalise most of the results and I PASS ENGLISH! hahas. Actually no difference, only that this time i never fail any subject. Did not do well either.

Let me see...
English: C6 [super lucky (many failed)]
AMaths: C5 [so careless]
EMaths: B4 [even more careless]
Chemistry: B4
Physics: B4
CH: A1 [never fails me xD]

Lols! whats with the 4.. three 4s! lols. asking me to die? haha x)) nahs, i wouldnt die *wink* hahahs!
Just that i knew how to do all the maths question, argh! careless. nvm, do my best at o's. Just hope! hahas. Have to work even harder for MATHS, SCIENCE and LAUGUAGE! which is actually all. xD hahas. 1 more month! *change to last gear* VOOM~!

Yep. thats my results, look also sian. hahahs! the day was really long today, felt so hungry. Really respect the malays, can fast for the whole day. Last time i follow my malay friends, but suddenly now i feel that what i did last time was immpossible. LOLS! the whole day so hungry, JIA FAN! hahas, hope that i dont overgrow. Grow just right. hahas. School ended at 4++ headed to the library after that. Did my maths revision. Must prefect it. yea! :) hahas. Came home not long ago, Yep, blogging for the last time im free. May come when im really bored with studies. haha! byes for now~

do your best too!
jiayou!! (:

「 Monday, September 25, 2006 」
「 screaming away 12:25 AM 」

kind of tired now. i'll blog the details tommorrow, maybe. If im in the mood. hahas x))

Things i did today:
1)went to gym
3)did my homework (not all) xD
4)got a new h/p
5)went for a movie.

hahas, nites!

'you meant so much to me.
missyou LOTS! =)

「 Friday, September 22, 2006 」
「 screaming away 1:32 AM 」

I can relax for the time being now or at least for the next 2days. Amaths paper was tough today, had so many careless mistakes. I had no time even to complete the whole paper. Hais, wasted. Just hope that i can pass. nvm, it's not the end. Still have one last chance, O' levels. Cant fail this time, cos it will be the last. After the paper didnt have the mood to celebrate, everyone also skip 1 or 2 qns. Just had no time or simply know nuts about that question. Went to play bball, hurt my back! lols la. nvm, will recover de. hahas. Next time dun stunt stunt, fade wad fade. hahas! but score ehh. hahas! after that so hungry, argh! duno where benny walking. haha! he following me, i following him. LOLS. end up eat pizzahut as usual after exam. YUM! dam full lols! weird, so little but so full. Went home after that. And went out again, fetch my bro. lols, nvm la. anyway im so free the whole evening. came home after that, have been slacking since then. Haoba! quite late le. Go sleep! hahas. nites*



「 Sunday, September 17, 2006 」
「 screaming away 4:26 PM 」

been quite busy for the pass one week, didnt have the time to blog or even do any extra stuff. hahas. working working! so sick, so much to revise for physics, hope that i can cope with it. i thought one of my best subjects is physics, i wrong i guess. I dont really know it. hais, SOO SIAN! argh! nvm. byes!

`missyou LOTS! =]

「 Wednesday, September 13, 2006 」
「 screaming away 12:53 AM 」

PRELIMS has started.
Not in the mood to type in the normal way. Had to take to papers today, English and Social Studies.
English: I guess i chose the wrong topic to write on. No feeling in it. Hope i will just pass in content in it.
Social Studies: The topics i've spotted came out. 2/3 of the topics i studied came out. BEST! anyway, i was able to complete the paper. Hope for the best for history! yea!

So Stress. yep! im missingyou!

「 Sunday, September 10, 2006 」
「 screaming away 11:16 PM 」

hais, really hate this. School start once again, the pressure is getting worst. 2 more days to prelims, hmm. halfway through my SS, the more i study at the same time, the more i forget. hais. wish i had a computer like brain. Can store information like instantly. hahahs. how i wish! =( nth much happen today, mugging the whole time. At my free time, nothing to do in the afternoon, i watch the naruto manga. haha! it was like WOAH! hahas, watch it urself if you want to find more out about it. xD hmm, sleeping soon i guess, tommorrow still have school as usual again. From tommorrow onwards, i've decided to give my 101% to my work. Wouldnt be online that often anymore, DARLING, will really missyou ehh. hais, nvm. a few more months to go. HANG IN THERE! I CAN DO IT! =)
..really missya so much!

「 Friday, September 08, 2006 」
「 screaming away 2:03 AM 」

It's pass 2am. tired ehh.
watched lil' man today which was freaking hilarious with my brother.
nothing much happen today. Stopping here, no point typing the same thing over...
...and over
ok i'll end here, nites! xP

yup! i miss you so much! :D

「 Thursday, September 07, 2006 」
「 screaming away 12:40 AM 」

woke up so late today, so slack! omg. just love to sleep and noone woke me up. *siandiao* nvm, at least i woke up. much homework to be done. just need a peace of my mind for a while. rested kind of too much, started doing my work at about 8++ hahas. Can say that i didnt do much today. Went down for dinner with my brother. Sick of all the food below at my house the kopitiam. Hmm, i think i have eaten at all the coffeeshop in masiling at woodlands until im sick of it. can i have homecooked food once in a while. let me think, it has been a few years since i ate some homecooked food. weird huh? came home, started rushing through my work once again. RUSH! *tired* mdm vani can really kill her students or are we suciding ourselves with our own revision. hmm, tommorrow still got her maths class, or can i say today. time pass really fast, already reaching 1 soon. feeling abit tired, lols been slping so much how can i go to bed. nvm, must try! hahas. kaes, thats all for today. byes! nites yea? hmm, missya!.. slp early ba! :]

「 Wednesday, September 06, 2006 」
「 screaming away 12:35 AM 」

havent been blogging the last few days, my com crashed. both my com crash at the same time. argh! im sick bored, for the last few days if im not watching tv, i'll be studying. bored? hmm, able to use the com at last. but it's still not my normal com, but at least can come on the net. better than nothing, cannot ask for too much ehh. how can anyone live without a com in this modern society. like got cut off from all line of communication. leaving me with only my handphone. can i msg everyone? lols! i will be broke if i do that. hahas, nvm, it's lucky i got too much work the last few days. have been spending most of my time on the tons of work thats stacked up on my table. woots, gonna to work again. hmm, prelims are just next week, so close huh?
School: went to school, today. hais so bored. worst that normal school days. at least at normal school days there's a mixture of subjects. 2 of my most stress subject had extra lessons today. 3hrs each. 9am-5pm can die! had a few test today. hope i dont fail my maths test. if fail, i need to stay back after the maths class on thursday. hope! pray! xD after maths class, i went with ben and jack to kfc to eat. hahas, kfc seems to be be so crowded. dono why. should have lesser ppl ma, it's holiday. nvm. after awhile ray and joseph also come. hmm, ate zinger! nice! hahas, super long nvr eat it le. ben went back to his hse to take his paper which he forgot to bring. haha! waited for him, hahas.. we were late. nvm good ehh. waste time! xD *evil* after going through afew papers we had our chem test. woots! no bad ehh, actually every good. hahas scored 55/65! good ehh.. on par with justin. went home after that and slack. my big ask me wanna go play bball, with lizhi. haha, ok lor. so sian anyway. quite fun! haha, came home. watch tv. done abit of work, now im here.. hahas. hao ba, it's late, going to sleep le. so tired! hmm, sleepsleep, nites! byes! *missya so much* =]

「 Friday, September 01, 2006 」
「 screaming away 1:03 AM 」

today is teacher's day eve, one year has passed so fast and too many things just happen just like this. hahas. at assembly, the whole school did the ACES day work out. isit even a workout? i think if i run one round around the basketball court can even workout more. hahas, nvm. You ren cut hair until so short xD haihao la, not that short, not that long either. can grow back de. just wait hahas, went back to class, ferza, aiman and muhd had a surprise for mdm vani, they played "here without you" nice! hahas, so touched huh? than asked them to play on stage. hahas. after that, justin surprize mdm vani with another thing. it was a powerpoint presentation which compiled all our mermorable experience for the pass 4 years. omg! i look like a nerd in sec1. a kid in sec 3, at least now, hmm... no comments xD after the last lesson was recess, than it was comfrim that ferza and co. playing, but not on stage, but to all the teachers in front of the general office, a memorable experience for all of us. Back to the concert, this year concert was not bad, comparing to last year's one. As usual, a nice rock band and a few breakers will always amaze people. great job guys! after school, most of my friends went back to their primary school, a group of my friends tried to persuaed me to go back. At first, i thought why not? but i start to notice i was trap between two group of friends from my primary school, so i didnt go back. hahas, so sian ar? went to mac and had my lunch, a group of us just sat there and slack. after afew hours i, aiman and muhd head to ferza's house. Sat there and chat, talk nonsences. haha, watch the soccer blunders. Laugh like hell sia! so dumb la. As time pass we got bored and started to jam. wee! fun, learn 2 new songs today. "here without you" and " come home soon" maybe if we have a graduation night, we will like to play there. Time passed already fast, it was 7pm, muhd went home. Then, we continue jamming. Played "only one" by yellowcard too, nice! we figured out the bridge and the chorus xD soon, it was 1030pm then i and aiman went home too. So hungry ar, i buey tahan so i went to buy ramly burger. waited for quite long, but i just wanted to eat and that was the only stall left open. Bought it, nice! egg, cheese and chicken the perfect combination. Then i took a bus back while eating it. just reached home about 1hour ago? about that and had a nice hot bath! clean! hahahs. a really long but meaningful day today, tommorrow's gonna be a holiday, but i dont think so. so much hw have to finish by sat. Just have to do finish it before i can do any other things. hao ba, that's all for today. nites all! byes! *missya so much*

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