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「 Tuesday, June 16, 2009 」
「 screaming away 11:02 PM 」

i will not be able to take my TP tomorrow, becos of my bloody driving instructor! Wanna know who? ask me. !#$%^&*(), man im piss! Here am i having no car to drive tomorrow, there he is having his holiday some where in shitland. WTH! worst still no instructors that he intro wanna take me last minute. And he can off phone! New intructors are even a bigger joke, scared i bang their new car into a tree. WTH? Argh! Im so filled with.... Argh! lol! hmm, nevermind. Probably, it's for the better. sigh.

On the brighter side of things...

Yeah! OB-77 siol. Printing the designs soon i guess?(which i wouldnt show yet)
& Collabo-ing with Jacky's blogshop opening? probably if everything goes well.

hmm, Just say it's gonna be Dope! (:
I hope. HA!

Music stuck in my head!
The Climb by Miley Cyrus'

「 Thursday, June 04, 2009 」
「 screaming away 9:31 PM 」

It's been awhile, since i last logged in. It's in fact, very long! lol!
been pretty busy lately, since attachement started i did not really got to rest.
It's my 3rd year in polytechnic already. Time really flies, at that time i would not even think that i will go to any other poly expect ngee ann poly. In the end i end up in nanyang poly due to my laziness of not wanted to appeal. ha! probably for the better? i got into foreign bodies which changed the way i looked at life not only to learn dance but i got to see things in a more positive matter. hmm, okay i'll just stop here if not i will rambling on for hours. ha!

But something more recent happen. It's the "Shut Up Boys!" aka SUB!
Consisting of an all guys, a collaboration between Foreign Bodies & TPDE team.
Joined a Anti-smoking Competition organised by @ PS
with 2 other teams from Fbodz.
& we achieved 1st Runner Up! though it's our first attempt together as a team,
Proud you dance with you guys man!
It's was also my first official group competition & i'm satisfied with the result.
Not for the prize, but what we've gone through.
*lalalalala~ lalalalala~ lalalalala~ lala~ la~ lala~
dududududu~ ARGH~!!! LOL!*
gonna miss you guys man!
Hybreed girls got 2nd Runner Up too!
and our very own current batch of seniors, SFS were also in the finals. (:
Great job yea! A good experience for you guys. yup!
Sakura soon! haha~ (:

To end off...
Here's the 'SUB'Crew!
*probably upload the photos with Hybreed & the rest when i'm free (:


-from left to right...

Music stuck in my head!
Strong Baby by Bigbang

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