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「 Tuesday, October 21, 2008 」
「 screaming away 7:42 PM 」

Recently i feel my blog is where i come to type out something that i want to remember. Or can i say, to remind me. When really bad things happen, i dont usually type it out. But i guess, this would be an exception.

Somehow i feel someone is asking to to buck up, after review-ing last showcase vid, i guess i really need too. My holds, points, lines, locks wasn't there. why? I was thinking maybe i was tired? but everyone was tired. That's not an excuse to slack off. If someone said the locking vid was nice, somehow i just feel terrible, cos i spoiled the show. hmm, no point crying on spilled milk now, time to buck-up! As for asian, we must buck-up! Surprize those who look down on us, think positive guys. Something i've learn from my past, negative thinking will just make things worst and it will also affect those around us. So time to think positive & act towards the positive thinking. We can do it! Production here we come! (:

So much for production, still got exam tommorow. Bored! Cya people.

Music stuck in my head!
Do What It Do by Jamie Fox

「 Tuesday, October 14, 2008 」
「 screaming away 10:36 PM 」

Firstly, i thought it would be fun. Since it was TEP, attachment is fun so should be studying in TEP. But the lessons are like freaking boredom, and i got into a group with no one i know. Hope they are friendly people, haha! I guess it's because most of my classmates aren't in the class anymore, plus having lessons in the same class everyday can be boring. Draggy 3 hour lessons, killing me! Argh, think i should start sleeping early for my own good. Maybe lessons would be more fun. (:

Anyway, last week was fun. Went for a photoshoot too! LOL! Not much to say, just a great experience. Photos will be up soon! (: Nothing much to blog, im getting lazy to do it too. Good luck to all my friends taking your a' levels & o' levels. Esp, benny, jocelyn & my younger bro. ha! For the rest of my poly mates, happy studying! LOL! Tomorrow will be even better! (:

Music stuck in my head!
新不了情 by 萧敬腾

「 Thursday, October 09, 2008 」
「 screaming away 1:29 PM 」

The last 2 weeks had been really fun. Suddenly feel that at last i have a holiday that is well spend. (: Firstly, i went for a chalet! Woo, yeah. With the same group of peeps from secondary school like our last chalet which was more than a year ago, plus a little more, Clark, my secondary 1 classmate. Haven't talk to him since a super long time. Still one funny guy, nice to know that you are doing fine. But the chalet was only 2 days, yeah kind of short. We still managed to go WWW, which we didn't go the last time cos it was close. Argh, so much for the fun. ok la, only the U-shape thing is quite trilling. the others, let's just say jurong swimming complex has the same rides. But, yeah. we still made it fun. Flipping each other's float. LOL! BBQ was still fun, plus W-11 session. And Aun movies, LOL! wth you bring such a grossy movie for. haha, but the '21' movie was nice. Overall, i will still say it was a success. Meet up soon guys. Yeah, maybe gonna meet the rest of my secondary school friends soon, Hari Raya Visiting again? I hope. (:

And Yeah! Outing with my bros again. You guys made my workless holiday fulfilling, haha. Anyway, we managed to make our trip down to sentosa yesterday. Yay! at last, im molting now though. Dam! We played Frisby, one word Fun! Soccer, lol! man, i really suck at beach soccer. or maybe... XD Oh yeah, almost forgot. K-session, my first time singing K in SG. LOL! Believe it. Ha! yeah, fun! Andee has a unique voice, Nice! like Caoge. Woah! ha. And yeah, got my PDL too and my laptop back already. So many nice things are happen. Oh yea, im starting TEP with classical, so yeah. I can go for Popper Ben's classes! (: darn happy man. Plus my timetable im off on fridays. WOAH! LOL! coolcool. (: hmm, ok. yeah nothing else. LOL! byes.

Music stuck to my head!
American Boy By Estelle Ft. Kanye West

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